Magnetic Lashes Review and What I did~

Magnetic Lashes Review and What I did~

I bought this from eBay, but magnetic lashes are still not popular so there are a lot of cheap knockoffs that are pretty bad. This comes in a box, it has magnets underneath so those lashes do not run everywhere. If you look online, most of the lashes come this way, made in China and synthetic fibres. Look, I’d be honest with you, I am not impressed either, this purchase is mainly to satisfy my curiosity and hopefully yours as well.

So did it work?

Laugh away!  Though the left side is already on, I clearly have issues with the right side of my eyes. Whoever said that this is easy is lying, absolutely. It took me about an hour and I still ended up with falling lashes. The idea is simple enough, put the top magnetic lash on your eye, don’t blink while you clip the lower part upwards. Sounds easy until you try to do it. I have tried heaps of angles, side, look up and looking down.

This is just bullshit for someone who has not time fiddling around! Though the brats are asleep when I tried, but a lot of frustrations later I gave up. I took this photo two hours after trying to put them on~ and after cutting them (trimming 1/3 off) I still failed. This photo was taken the night before the next one, where with enough sleep I tried again… with a pair of scissors.

I cut them up


And it works for me, I cut them in 1/3 sizes, and matched them up before cutting them. These are placed in pairs of up and downs, so that they make up nicely when I apply. Perhaps my eyes are not big enough, or fit into whatever funny shape these lashes are in. Yes, I wore make up for this picture. Totally rusty in my eye shadow look, and I did not even put eyeliner on. #makeup fail. These lashes though, in 1/3 sizes they were a lot easier to clip. So far, these lashes come in full strip, I only cut them because they cost Aud 8 for the set. Cutting them caused me a little pain, as I was really worried that I would render them useless.

If they cost any more, like those Ardell, I would have been against cutting them. Now that I did it successfully, I know that:

a) these works better for me in smaller sizes

b) they are actually a lot less in maintenance compared to the traditional glue method.

c) they can pinch my eyelids if I put them wrong

Magnetic Lash or Traditional?

If you are an intermittent fake eyelash user, I would say go for magnetic lashes. Because you do not have to buy the glue and watch it dry out, nor the hassle of trying to get them in place. Without practice, it is hard using the traditional way. Magnetic lashes are great because, well… you only need this one compact and it will last, even if you put mascara on ( I didn’t by the way). A decent looking pair might set you back a few bucks more than the traditional, but you don’t have to worry because they are reusable.

And if one drops on the floor? Use a magnet to find it, easy~ I did that loads of time when I was practising. Another great reason to consider these, is that they come in a case to store already, usually fake eyelash comes in those plastic boxes that just break. In terms of look and choices, the traditional way still has a lot more styles to choose from. These magnetic ones have a limitation in weight, because the magnets on them are so tiny. If you think you cannot see my enhanced fake lashes, I apologise. Please refer to my top photo and laugh a little bit more.

A Review of the Magnetic Lash I bought

The link is below if you are after cheap magnetic eyelash to try only. I do not recommend buying this if you are after a beautiful look at all. Notice that the lash fibres are all equal in length, our lashes are not like that! It will look very unnatural if you put the whole strip on. However, they are thin in the stems, with exception of the magnets poking upwards (or downwards). You would be surprised at how light they are on your lashes; how painfully they pinch your eyelids if you do put it in a weird position.

It really hurts, like a slow burn that gets worse and you are like.. gahhh my eyelashes are being pulled out ~~~ hurts. I kid you not.

Buy it from Ebay or Amazon

A lot of reviews say that Ardell’s set is not that great, but they are good for practice and beginners. Dramatic and more professional looking magnetic eyelash are available from smaller companies I think, but they are not in Amazon.

Yes or No?

It is a personal preference, however I am leaning towards this if and when better looking lashes come out. I would probably buy more if I see ones that comes pre- cut, so far I haven’t seen any. Honestly, smaller sized ones were easier to apply because you can’t really make both ends of the lashes meet without one going askew. I am open to suggestions/ hacks on this one, because I do hate gluing on lashes…

After 50 tries ( I did not count, though 100 sounds a little exaggerated) I managed to solve the problem and look slightly glamorous, so that is a Yes from me.

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