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 Make Me Lose
Author: Ember Leigh
Series: Bayshore Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Make Me Lose Review

The first thing that drew me into requesting to be part of the book tour is the synopsis.

Grayson Daly and I aren’t just rivals. We’re enemies.

This is a hook that got me line and sinker, I am curious, plus I really want to know what’s all the competitive streak about. And it does not hurt to have a six pack on the cover to attract my attention. The story starts at an interesting time, no doubt well choreographed by the author.


Hazel is a real estate agent in Bayshore, she’s managed to build an empire all on her own. In a small town, she is the girl to go to when you need to sell a house.  Her high school reunion is coming up, and Bayshore seems to have a lack of potential bachelors. Hazel is of course a strong character in her own right: successful, single and as we all know it: pretty.

Grayson: in comes the hero/ the first Daly brother in the series. I am not sure if Bayshore series features only Daly brothers, but it’s a good guess. He returns to Bayshore from Brooklyn, NYC to sell a house his grandmother left him. At first impression, Grayson is your typical New Yorker, impatient and can be grating. But he kinda grows on me, though I can see why Hazel really finds him appealing/ aggravating.

In the end, they seem to know each other’s buttons to push. No doubt their long history as the most likely to end up married has something to do with it. Hazel and Grayson banters and throws really snarky comments that neither means.


It’s not a very drawn out process, sure I’ve got my fights before they jump each other’s bones. The story also reveals what had transpired, and how they went from rivals, to lovers, then to enemies. While the reason is laughable, I guess now that they are adults it seems … petty. Hazel and Grayson are both hoping to move on from that dreadful episode in their lives, after finding out that it was a misunderstanding.

Another great part of the book is where the story ends. As we are no longer starry- eyed teenagers, I think it ends at a very realistic place. Look, it could have been like happily ever after, but I appreciate the fact that Ember Leigh respects her readers. That said, some people may wanted a starry- eyed ending, where everything mysteriously falls into place after the final kiss. However, it is that part of the story that I like best.


Make Me Lose is a funny contemporary romance, where making someone lose does not always make you a winner. Share on X
Yes, it may be a light read, one you probably can do in a sitting, I did. I did laugh together with Hazel, and roll my eyes when Grayson does something stupid. Make Me Lose reminds me that true love is not perfect, but it is real. We all have wishes that everything goes our way, but sometimes we just have to play the cards that we are dealt with. Most of the time, we should learn how to realize that something is not for us, and be brave enough to make the change.

Definitely recommend.

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