Makeup Brushes : Review of My Experience

Makeup Brushes : Tool for great look

Bdellium Tools 24pc. Brush Set

Once you get the hang on the basics, or watch enough YouTube videos, you will eventually want to have a set of makeup brushes. It seems like all professional makeup artists have their own, and everyone has their favorite brand. When you do want to invest in makeup brushes, then first thing is to realize that there are many out there.

You have these in sets, they can cost a lot, like $120 for this set. To a $10 set for the same amount of brushes. What sets them apart is the quality. I have bought a good brush, like this GloMineral one, and a brand-less brush. The biggest thing that stood out for me was the durability.

GloMinerals – Luxe Setting Brush

I wanted to try using make up brushes, so I bought a cheap one from Ebay, regrettably the brushes was in the bin after a few uses. The glue simply does not hold up with frequent washes.

Plus, the brush’s texture were rough, so I would urge you to think carefully before going cheap. I believe that makeup brushes are something that should be bought from a physical bricks and mortar shop. You can feel the brush’s texture and quality, and you can try it before buying it.

Consider those brushes an investment, like any artist.

Caring Your Tools

To preserve the longevity of your makeup brushes, you do have to look after them. Most importantly, you have to clean them regularly. These brushes have touched your skin, therefore will have bacteria and oil on them. The longer you leave them, the worse the condition of the brushes will be. You also do not want to spread bacteria all over your face, every time you use them.

French Nerds Brush Cleaner with Egg

The easy way is to get one of these cleaners, you pay some money to get a good cleaning agent that is suitable for your brush. Other way is to watch YouTube and find out how the artists make their own brush cleaners. These are easy to make, and if you are short on money, DIY is the way to go. I have tried making my own, honestly it was cheap and the ingredients are simply household items. The homemade version did clean my brushes well, and it only takes five minutes or less to assemble.

No matter which way, you do have to make sure that it is suitable for your brushes. If you are lazy, or prefer a blend with products you do not own, then by all means get one.

More importantly, many people advocate drying their brushes bristles facing down, instead of up like a painting brush. Main reason is that the glue gets wet and will eventually dissolve, making bristles fall. Another reason is that brushes have a specific shape, and drying them on a flat surface may distort their shape. A popular example is the stippling brush, perfect for flawless complexions.

bareminerals foundation brush

So this is a good example of a brush that you will need to dry downwards. How to do it? Again, you can buy these brush guards, they are not very expensive.

The Brush Guard

The problem with these, is that they have specific size. The headache is, all brushes have different diameter. If you own non- standard sizes, this will be a headache for you. Another way to dry your brushes bristles facing down can be found in Pinterests.

I found one that uses a clothes hanger here...or the rubber band method here..

My favorite is the rubber band method, because I have heaps of rubber bands lying around at home.

So you do you have any makeup tips?

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    1. my mom’s friend, who is a beautician likes to use her fingers, but it’s not really for fine work like eye lining though =) but those sponge tips that comes with makeup palettes are horrible

  1. I’ve always dried mine upright only because it’s convenient but hadn’t thought about the glue before. I would have though drying them upside would cause warm glue to damage the individual brush follicles. Thank goodness there’s a YouTube clip for everything these days, where would we be without it. Awesome tips Ailyn <3

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