Piccasso Two Way Makeup Spatula for a smooth foundation finish

After watching how the PICCASSO Two Way Makeup Spatulahelps other users achieve a smooth foundation application, I got my sister-in-law to get it from Korea. Not the same one as the ones in Amazon , which is a generic brand. While I am not sure how the generic brand spatula performs, I am in love with the original PICCASSO brand. Here’s some reason why…

3 uses for a 2 way spatula

According to instructions on the box, you use the shorter side of spatula for smaller areas such as nose and between the eyes. The longer side can be for cheeks or neck. There are a few videos online on how to use the spatula to get a flawless glass like finish to your makeup. The little spoon on the end allows you to scoop out your face creams in the correct amount.

The Drawbacks

One drawback of using the spatula is that I have to use 2 products instead of one. While the spatula allows me to use less foundation for a smooth finish, I still need to use a beauty blender to pat it in. So technically, this is a double effort to get a flawless makeup look. Despite that, the flawless look makes the extra effort worth it.

The spatula works best with liquid or cushion foundation. The smaller section of the spatula fits nicely into the well of a cushion foundation to allow you to grab the product. Hence, you can’t use the spatula with foundation sticks or powder. However, you can also use the spatula to apply liquid sunscreen for an even coverage.

The Positives

Because it does not absorb liquid foundation, you can glide the spatula on your face and lose a minimal amount. A good foundation is worth the money, but it would be much better if most of it goes on your skin and not on sponges or brushes. It is easy to clean and does not harbour bacteria as easily as the other tools.

After it dries, it stores easily in the leather pouch, taking up minimal space in your makeup bag. Although you still need a beauty sponge, but that is also a multipurpose tool to blend in contours and powder.

The spatula is durable and easy to clean, since it is made from metal. I usually clean it straight after use, and drying it only takes an extra few seconds. It is not an expensive tool to invest in if you constantly suffer from breakouts.


The main reason I wanted the PICCASSO make up spatula is the face that it is a metal tool that makes it easy for me to clean after use. I haven’t had a lot of break outs since using it to apply my foundation, but I still diligently wash my other tools. It does make me wonder if it is worth it, considering I have to still wash the beauty blender. But it is versatile and long-lasting enough.

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