Review: Manga Crash Course & Draw Your Own Fonts

Manga Crash Course & Draw Your Own Fonts : Do You Like To Draw?

I have found these two because I am always a fan of fonts and manga, just not a patient enough person to see things through. The reason why I linked both up is because it is easier, and I am hoping that if you like one you might be interested in the other. And they both requires you to like to draw, something.

Manga Crash Course

Manga Crash Course Fantasy : How to Draw Anime and Manga, Step by Step

Author: Mina Petrovic
Genre: Arts & Photography, Step by Step, Non- fiction
Buy From : Amazon

The problem with drawing humans and animals is that this book actually assumes that you have practiced a lot of basic skills. If you are unfamiliar with mere basics, this might be a hard. This book shows how to move on to draw people in motion, and elaborate on clothing and expressions.

I am struggling on drawing the head alone, it will take a while for me to reach the level I want. On the plus side, this book has a lot of tips. The downside, nothing I have not seen. For those who have other books on drawing, this might be another of the same information.

Good to have if you know someone is looking, but otherwise it is nothing special.

Draw Your Own Fonts

Draw Your Own Fonts
Author: Tony Seddon
Genre: Non- fiction, step- by- step
Buy From: Amazon

This is not your normal cursive handwriting type of fonts. These are for special occasions such as scrapbooks, or on a card. The fonts range from pretty to elaborate, focusing on what you want the fonts to be used for.

Here is some ideas based on the tips that I got. I admit that this is not good, because I am out of practice. However, the author does give some insights on how to create your own font that you can use in your computer once you designed it. So for amateur font makers, this might be a good book to have.

Even if you are just itching to do some pretty looking alphabets, this is quite a good guide to have I think.


If you like to doodle and draw, these two have good ideas on how to channel your creativity. I like how the things are presented, and this I hope is something that you can use a lot more in your daily life?

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