Medallion of Murder


Medallion of Murder
Author: BR Myers
Series: Nefertari Hughes Mystery #3
Genre: mystery, paranormal, historical romance, Teen & YA
Pub Date 18 Sep 2018

Medallion of Murder : book 3

Nefertari Hughes is back with a new mystery, a special Medallion that is also linked to Cleopatra. This is a series that has to be read in order, the first book is Asp of Ascension (buy link). After the Asp, Nefertari looked for Diadem of Death (review). Like all the artefacts, the medallion grants special powers to the wearer/ chosen one.

The main reason why you had to read the first two before Medallion of Murder because of the trauma and the enemy. Nefertari has to navigate not only her powers, but life as a teenager as well.

Aside from the Obvious…

Terry (sometimes she’s called) has the sneaky feeling that someone is stalking her. Life with her beau in a long distance relationship was trying. Thankfully Maude and Foster are still around to assist her in the mystery. I mean, aside from the fact that she is still in danger. Her first crush, Awad, was missing when a postcard with blood showed up. Terry and her friends start to be suspicious to anyone who is not in their circle, with good reason. Strange things happening, each threatens to disrupt her peaceful life.¬†As Nefertari digs the truth out, she will experience betrayal and loss. History might paint Cleopatra as a Queen who has guile, but she left some pretty radical jewellery.

When she decided to follow her heart, things did not really go her way. I mean, Nefertari is a girl with one foot, being granted super powers is a great confidence boost. Her family (dad really) worries that Terry is actually rebelling. Maude her friend is ever supportive, even if she was too worried about that decision. Threatened with death, Terry looks at it with fear but also courage. I like how she handles her problems face on instead of running away.

Ending and Verdict

One of the main reasons that I did not say this is the final instalment is because of the ending. Sure, three of Cleopatra’s artefacts have been found, but there was no mention that it was the last. Plus, the ending was kind of open ended. Not a cliffhanger, but a new chapter. If the author chooses to continue, she can.

I did like the books, all three of them so far. Cleopatra was an interesting historical figure, her story is well known. The puzzles and mystery were intriguing enough to keep the pages turning, and an interesting twist or two in the end that I never saw coming.

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