Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Overnight Eye Mask

Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Overnight Eye Mask

The one that won Cosmopolitan’s 2010 Best of the Best Bronze Award, but nowhere to be seen online. You can read more about it through their website. As per the name, Methode Swiss products are made in Switzerland, using their Swiss Thermal Water.

I got it for around RM 90, which is AUD 30 give or take. Aside from water, it uses B3 and a few plant extracts, as well as caffeine.

First Impressions

I have to admit that the design is good, you have the plastic applicator, with a tiny hole where the gel comes out. The problem is, if you depress it too hard, it shoots out and lands elsewhere. I have since do it closer to my eyes to avoid that. As you may not be able to see, the gel has a light green tinge to it, due to the colouring. The gel is a thick consistency, but absorbs quickly once it reaches the eyes.

Not that I really like the applicator, it is a nice touch but I do not like it one bit. I do not want to use that much gel, but the applicator will somehow spread a thicker layer. Maybe that’s the plan, but I use a lesser amount (1 pump for both eyes) and they seem to work just fine.

As it says on the box, you use this at night, and you can leave it on until next day. It says it can smooth out wrinkles, and leaves the eyes plump and brighter.

Do you Think the Methode Swiss Eye mask works?


Eh, Maybe? My panda eyes are not as obvious, but I never do suffer much from that anyway. Wrinkles, maybe need a close up, but I think it does help smoothing some finer lines out. It is quite expensive for what it is, but at 15ml and comes from Switzerland, worth a try. Since animal testing is banned in that country, safe to say this is animal- cruelty free.

The gel is lightweight, which is why I try it. A little sad that I can’t actually buy this online =( Not even Ebay… shocking

Update on Life

I caught Princess Brats’ bug, and was unwell for a few days. Mainly feeling nauseous and lethargic, my body feels hungry and yet refuses to let me eat. You know how it is: I wanna eat but I think I’m gonna puke just by smelling food. This photo was taken when I am still recovering, so I guess you can say that the eye mask works like magic?

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