Miccosmo Hurry Harry Roll On Review

Hurry Harry Roll On

Princess is holding a souvenir from Taiwan, but made in Japan. Somehow I bought this because the shop girl in Taiwan said that it is good


You can click on the image to enlarge, this is actually a roller applicator. The Hurry Harry roll on Essence contains EGF (epidermal growth factor) to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. As you can see from the packaging, roll on your laugh lines and they will disappear.

What would these companies think of next? First thing first, this thing does not work. I am not sure what you are expecting, but it does only help with the finer lines, I know it does not work because I used on my my forehead wrinkles. Well, it’s EGF and it’s a roller thing. Can’t go wrong with the combination, I am slightly sad that my wrinkles are still showing.

Hurry Harry Roll On Essence contains: serum EGF, collagen, hyaluronic acid. It boasts to be paraben-free, fragrance-free, also a non-colored, the additive-free formulation. Trust the Japanese to think up something just for laughing lines, although instructions (translated) did say that you can use it anywhere on the face.


Nah, didn’t work

Dan Brown is here!


Who has read it?

It was Mid-Autumn Festival on 4th of October!


Lanterns and mooncakes! This photo was taken at our OzAsia festival on the Sunday 2nd of October. Only one decent photo out of many blurry lanterns. This is a dragon, made by a school (I cannot remember). We braved the cold snap to watch this giant lantern parade, and almost didn’t make it.

The festival had to turn away people after they reached capacity. Not sure which bright spark thought only seven thousand people would only turn up, when around twenty thousand people came. In the end, we detoured to a bridge further up. This photo was actually taken somewhere before they entered the festival grounds. We were on our way back to the car, it got too cold for the kids. While they enjoyed festivities, I was happy that they could experience the love of culture in Adelaide.

Massive crowds, from all walks of life, makes me warm just thinking about it. While our politicians are busy being politically correct, and discreetly racists, the people are actually enjoying each other’s company. Makes me think that we should have an IQ and EQ test before someone can be made a politician.

Did you have a celebration?

As mid- autumn is a huge deal in Asia, I am wondering if you have seen any interesting things were you are? Please share.

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4 thoughts on “Miccosmo Hurry Harry Roll On Review

  1. I’m always sceptical when it comes to anti ageing products, using a great skin care routine from a young age has helped me. I’m 37 and apart from a bit of lack of sleep puffiness, I don’t have any wrinkles or crows feet as yet. Starting to go a little grey at the temples though. Jesus. Actually, I went into Priceline the other day to pick up my moisturiser after running out and seen a new range by Garnier and stupidly, didn’t really read the label beyond moisturiser. Got it home and thought it smelt a little weird. Turns out I bought their Sakura White range, the whitening cream for Asian skin. I’m neither Asian or need help being any whiter 😀 😀

    1. We Asians love our whitening! if you haven’t use it or touched it maybe can get a change? Fingers crossed on the crows feet =d never come!

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