The Million Dollar Blog : Book Review

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The Million Dollar Blog
Author: Natasha Courtenay Smith
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Genre: Blogging, Non- fiction
ISBN-13: 978-0349414065

The Million Dollar Blog Actual Look

I think I prefer my photo compared to the one Amazon had given me. Usually I use Amazon covers because I am a lousy photographer. This time, a play on the settings yields a pretty picture, I didn’t edit it I don’t know how, so I am happy.

The Million Dollar Blog is a book for everyone with a passion for blogging. It will inspire you to do more. Share on X

Oh yes, if you are looking to call yourself a blogger and not be a poor charity case, this book is for you. The Million Dollar Blog will give you tips to help propel your blog into something that can support you financially (hopefully). The Author managed to compile a list of pretty impressive bloggers to help her with this book. From mommy blogger to experienced people writing about something they love.

These are doable lessons, some you might already know, others are not so clear. The book helps to create a firmer image, serving as a base to create some wonderful things on your blog. Passion does make a lot of hard work easier, and I am trying to make this one work.

Everything in this book is a valuable lesson, one that I am keen on using. I like how the book is put into format of experience and lessons, so it is not a boring read. It also encourage me to slowly take in the book, rather than skimming through the book.

But it can’t be read at one go, it would be too much information in a short time. So, buy  this book and return to it when you need.


The Million Dollar Blog is a clever book, laid out in a way that makes information easier to absorb.  You will notice that this book contains a wealth of experiences, not only knowledge. This reason will be your only reason to own the book. Because, here it is, everyone else’s mistakes made, so you can avoid it.

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