AM Miss Pig Headed Sheet Mask from Taiwan (Review)


AM Miss Pig Headed Sheet Mask

I got this from a shop while looking for a special face mask, but I ended up with this box at $18. This box has 10 pieces of face mask, looking at the 5 girls, there are two of the same kind.

Pretty cute right?

Pig Headed is just a cute name

Here are the 5 total types, each with a different name and girl. You would be interested to know that these mask are named after a place and a speciality item from Taiwan.

Pig Headed

I only managed to use two so far, so I can show you roughly what it looks like.

IMG_20180127_195954252 Ali Shan (click here to see where it is) Green Tea, this is a clarifying and relaxing mask. Ali Shan Green Tea mask contains lavender, chamomile, grape fruit and witch hazel to name a few.

It is also quite thick and sticky. I hate that sticky consistency that lingers when after I take off the mask. Even thought it wasn’t my most favourite so far, it does really give me a quite good results in terms of hydration. The great feeling only lasted a day, then it was back to being dry and sad.

I really do blame the hot Aussie weather, as I am typing in a 40C weather here.

But overall, this is great if you have dry skin and in need of some clarifying.





The Next Pig Head

Then we have the La La Mountain (check here) Peach, which does contain peach extract, as well as chamomile. This one is supposed to seal in hydration, kind of likeĀ IMG_20180123_222708749increased hydration. There is also some hyaluronic acid in the mix, but not much.

As you can see from the pics, the masks are the same, thin membrane that is saturated with the solution. If you leave it alone like that, it would take about an hour for the mask to dry off. Though I have the habit of just leaving them on until it dries. If you want, you can put it back and in the fridge and reuse it. Hygiene reasons, I don’t really do that.

Face has a lot of bacteria, even if you had just cleaned it, particularly if you have pimples.


I got it cheap that is for sure. But if I have to pay full price, I am willing to pay up to $30 AUD for it. It is a great product with quite good results, but I cannot justify paying too much for sheet masks, especially when their effect is not as long lasting.



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    1. yeah but i have read that it is not good to leave them on to dry, because that means the mask is taking moisture back from the skin @_@
      So I’ve been taking them off sooner

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