Missha Moisture Coating Lip Tint Review

Missha Moisture Coating Lip Tint Review

I got this as a souvenir from a friend who knows that I love things like these! She knows me every well, hence I got this really awesome product. I can’t find it on Amazon, maybe other places online, or perhaps this is one of those things that you can only get locally.

Here’s why I love this lip tint:

It is very pigmented and hydrating. You don’t normally out the two words together, but this lip tint is more like a lip balm texture. It feels like Burts Bee’s lip balm, but it also colors like a normal lipstick. Honest


My lips are not pinkish like that, but the color is quite flattering on me. I am in love with this Missha lip tint. But yeh, the moisturizing factor does not last very long, but I can just reapply throughout the day.

Since it’s summer, my lips don’t dry out so quickly if I use this. Currently I’m only using it at work, other times I just use my colorless lip balm. Hehehe

Finishing touches on my makeup and I’m ready for work. Not sure, I think my makeup skills are a quite rusty, need to start practicing soon enough. But maybe no more nude eye shadows, I’m kinda bored of it already.

Made in Korea
and the shade is Antique Rose


 No Missha? What else?

This Clinique Chubby stick lip tint (buy here) is a close favorite if you like lip tint that are similar. Though the pigment is not as plentiful as Missha Moisture Coating, it still packs a decent color to your lips.

My friend is a fan of it herself.

Or this Burts Bees (Buy from Amazon ) is good in the moisturizing department, decent in the color. Plus, this is made from beeswax and other natural ingredients, a better fit if you are looking for stuffs that are paraben free. There are a few options, and Burt’s Bees are boasting good long- lasting effect for up to eight hours. Though I doubt it really can last that long, but I don’t mind reapplying for the added protection.


If I do not have to apply a better coverage lipstick, the Missha is my go to product nowadays. I will be devastated when I finish it.

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