Moonlight War- Act II

Moonlight War- Act II
Author: William Collins
Genre: Fantasy, adventure
Series: Realmers 3
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Realmers are Back!

Since A Darker Shade of Sorcery and Moonlight War I, this is the 3rd book of the Realmers series comes back with a breathless chase. Firstly, our Venetors- in- Training are finally on their first missions! I think it’s first missions, or graduation mission. Not sure, but this is exciting stuff, with a little deadly threat to boot.


We have Arantay and Brooke, trying to stop a war between vampires and werewolves. You do have to read from book 1 to see what had happened, as Arantay is actually a vampire elf, they call elf-pire..

Evander, going mostly as Evan now, undergoes a dangerous mission of destroying a demonic cult, with Emi. Wasn’t much destroying as more to retrieving a special item. The two kids are guided by Bane and Sintian, who sort of hates Evan for a lot of reasons.

Then the rest of the casts went wandering around, except one named Jed got trapped in a magical trap. He learns something of importance, but too bad now he has to find a way out to warn the others.


We have a lot of action in this book, most of the people are either running towards something, or running away from something. This is great if you are a into a lot of action and adventure.

What tries to be a learning moment, did not go quite well. But hey, this is more realistic right? Why would the threats make you learn something? Thinking about surviving makes poor learning partners. Not to mention your seniors are mean pricks who are intent on making you fail.


More fast paced, but you can easily get lost if you blink. This is not a book you can read in one go, thank god for chapters. If you are interested in The Realmers series,  do read from the first book =D.

May the Venators prevail.

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