My Beauty Diary Masks Review

My Beauty Diary Masks

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I got mine from Strawberrynet, which is sometimes cheaper. If I am back home in Malaysia, I would get it from there too. Point is, you can get this brandĀ almost anywhere in the world. I bought a box of 8 for around AUD17 or 18, which equates to $3 per mask.

That is one of the main reasons why I stayed with this brand. The cost and the quality of the masks. First of all, this is a strong mask, the kind that you use once a week. This would be either an alternate daily one, or like me a daily user.

The Options are Great

The picture on top is Royal Pearl, with additional things to make it feel refreshing. Royal Pearl is something like a brightening agent, plus it has ginkgo, licorice and mallow extract.

Another one of my favourite is the Edelweiss flower extract , which is a reparing mask. The mask was great when I suffered from pimples.


By the way, the LED mask that I got does work! Read review here. I didn’t use it for a week and out comes the pimples, which I think you can see just above my eyebrows.

The box I got a while ago. But I had held on to it because I haven’t seen it on sale around Australia. This mask is a soothing and hydrating product that works well. It does not lasts, but none of these things do. Selections for this brand is good enough, plus through out the years I have no problems.

While it is not Charlotte Tilbury, it still has some standing and reputation in Asian countries. I can get this brand in pharmacies or those beauty stores if I want to make sure its legit. Plenty of imitations due to its popularity, so please beware when you shop. I have actually seen a lot of fakes for this brand.


My Other Go- To Mask Brands

Doctor Morita is also another brand that I sometimes buy. This Repair Snail Mask is another good mask that you should try if you can. The box has 10 pieces in it, but it also does costs a little more. Dr. Morita is also a Taiwanese brand, despite the misleading Japanese name. You will notice that the quality of the sheet masks are different too. One is more cellulose but holds a lot of fluid (Dr. Morita), while My Beauty Diary has a more cottonlike fibre. They both hold good amount of serum/ solution that lasts around 45 minutes to an hour if you let sit.

Effects usually lasts a day, so if you need to look great the next day, I suggest doing it first thing or before bed before. I know some of you hate the thought of masks, but this actually will help if you use it regularly. I can’t say about the expensive weekly use ones, but I am happy using these.

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