My Lousy Week : How Carpets Nearly Killed Me

This is My Lousy Week Photo:

My lousy week officially started on Tuesday. On my worst, I woke up on Thursday to this face (\*o*/) No make up necessary to achieve this look, totally horror of being infected by some mysterious virus that is going to make me a zombie. No, this is the result of an allergic reaction. To what, not sure, best guess is when we had new carpets laid the old ones stirred up some nasty

This is my normal face

things. The reaction started on Tuesday night, and it was just on my hands.

I didn’t have photos of my hands swelling up, but it’s itchy and bad. That was the beginning of my downward spiral, I even went to work on Wednesday! Complaining to colleagues that I was allergic to the acrylic sweater that I was wearing that day. Boy, was I ever so wrong. After work, things took a turn for the worse of course. See, the whole day at work meant that I wasn’t near the carpet.

But coming back to a home that is partially old with new carpets in, by midnight I was scratching myself silly in bed. Took me hours to sleep, and by the time I woke up. Tadaa! Instant miserable face, not to mention my body was covered in red patches of welts and excoriation marks worthy of a bad mosquito day.

What Is This?

Classic look of an allergic reaction, mine was considered serious because my throat was swelling up. You can’t see it in the photo, but I was wheezing when I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen. I didn’t explode like a balloon, though I was very fatigued and barely had any energy to talk. Princess Brat was kinda understanding, because she just slept on my thighs.

The carpet guy commented we must be cats, because we just curled around on a sofa and slept as he finished the last of the carpets. King Brat was of course worried by then. Two almost- lifeless people on the couch looking like they are not gonna make it through Thursday. Off to the doctors we go, thank god for bulk- billing. My lousy Week was looking up a little, because at least my wallet isn’t hurting like I am.

Doctor Doctor

I had an earful from the nurse, because at the mere mention of throat constricted, I was given adrenaline (just a vial, nothing major). I was hesitant, but Epipen was kinda low in stock around Adelaide so I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get one when I need it. Plus it costs like $60 over- the- counter (yes, in Australia it is a pharmacist only medication), while this nice doctor was offering me it from his doctor’s bag (which was free from government). What’s the difference? Epipen is in a user friendly form of uncap- inject, while doctors have them in glass vials which has to be drawn up.

Me after doctor

The upside was, I got it down in the clinic, comfortably monitored by an irate nurse who told me twenty times I should have gone to ED. Emergency departments are not great during winter time, I was breathing enough air to risk a visit to a clinic. Seriously, winter seasons, unless you are really dying, stay close to clinics and doctors. Winter seasons are full of people who are really sick, virus and bacteria are floating around. If you weren’t sick when you went into emergency, you would definitely be after.

Took me thirty minutes, but the swelling after I got my adrenaline was significantly reduced. No joke, I was released back into the real world after the doctor gave me a stern warning, a prescription of prednisolone and loads of good luck.

It’s Not Just Food

Mine was still an allergic reaction, though it is not food based. Some say it wasn’t anaphylactic, it was most certainly hovering around that level. If you see anyone swelling up like the first picture, call emergency. It does not take long for a person’s throat to swell up and choke to death. Some would even have those medical bracelets around, or they would have an Epipen. You should always call emergency, the sooner you get help the better chances of survival.

Epipens are great! But do you know that they can also cause a heart attack? The standard dose of adrenaline can help reverse the throat swelling (and allow some breathing) but it can kill by causing the heart to pump too fast. Yes, dial that number.

Playing Around : Making my Lousy Week Better

I found this beauty app that allows me to have make up on without actually having to do anything.
I think this picture proves that this app works like magic! In Android, BeautyCam is the app that I use to create this pretty look despite the distinctive red patch on my eye. Basically just fool around wit the settings, such as make up and contour, and viola! Instant pretty face. My hair was untouched I think, the app isn’t that miraculous that my hair is perfect. I don’t look exhausted or that I almost died a few hours ago.

Eyelashes are fake of course, so goes the beautiful glow that you see. The lips are tinted so that they don’t deviate too much from my normal colour, a little more “natural” look. Overall, this was a little something to make myself feel slightly better after the ordeal.

I am recovering well, hope that I don’t repeat this experience anytime soon. It was not fun, but I milked it because King Brat was extra nice to me for the rest of the week.

Book reviews back up soon, I promise.

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