My Scheming Peel & NuDerma Eye Mask review

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My Scheming Facial Peel Review

I got this in Taiwan for 119 NTD, like AUD5.85. It is quite cheap, when you can get the same item from ebay (link: 

My Scheming Apple Extract Hydrating Peeling Gel 120ml via eBay ) at AUD16 but free postage. My Scheming Peel is made by the famous My Scheming brand, which is a local Taiwanese brand and is a big name there and in Asia. Previously I have reviewed its double mask, but the brand also makes makeup items like mascara and eye liners.


My Scheming Peel has apple and cucumber extracts, and boasts to hydrate while removing your dead skin cells. Among the ingredients are apple and cucumber beads which dissolves when you crush them, a light apple fragrance and things that make up the gel.

A quick look at the gel2017-06-07_08-19-31How to use it: apply the gel onto dry hands and face, avoid the eye and mouth areas. While the label says leave it on for 1 minute before lightly massage your face to remove dead skin, I already have a lot of dead skin coming up. I was expecting this to happen, because I have skip this step for a week to see how it goes.

The result it pretty yucky. After a rinse, my skin feels softer and definitely a lot cleaner.


Can you see the bits of dead skin? I am happy that I got this… until I found out that Taiwan still does animal testing Q.Q at the moment. There are rumors that it will end soon, but currently, there is nothing on the label that says this is cruelty free.

So if you are a cruelty free product user, Taiwanese and Chinese brand are a no- go. If it does not bother you, go ahead. As for me, it was a momentarily lapse of judgement, shopping always makes me happy. Funny how my morals go out the window when I am overseas.

Thankfully, Japan and Korea do have cruelty brands.

Nu derma 明眸撫紋水嫩眼膜 Reactivation Eye Cure Lifting Hydra Mask

This is from Nu derma, a more upmarket brand in Taiwan. This I got as a sample after buying two sunscreens from them at the price of AUD75 in total (that’s 1500 NTD). I am crazy to spend that much money on beauty products, but I so love how it absorbs quickly and leaves a clean feel on my skin.

The eye mask has hyaluronic spheres, and things that helps reduce dark circles and erase that fine lines. I got three but I have given one to my mom, and this is my last one. While I do regret not buying it, but spending NTD 5000, which is AUD 200 on 8 pieces of eye mask might be a little crazy.

Even though it has this cute butterfly shape, and covers a large area of my eyes. Normal eye masks are a lot smaller and does not work as well as this brand. This is a classic you get what you pay for scenario.


You get a perfectly cheap yet good quality exfoliate, and pair it with a free sample of an expensive product. The result is good, except for the animals that were tested on. I do apologize for not checking prior to buying, but I had always assumed that most developed countries do not do animal testing, except for China.

I guess I am wrong =(

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  1. I’m a stickler for using cruelty free products but have made that mistake before too by not checking labels or the PETA website. I have a few cucumber masks and they tend to leave my skin really soft and dewy too. Have you tried the peel off cucumber masks? Same effect and it pulls the grime and toxins from your skin. I use mine once a week and once a week for a charcoal mask and my skin has never been healthier <3 Your skin looks so supple in the second photo.

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