Dual Mask Review : My Scheming & Silicone Mask

IMG_20170604_182004270My Scheming & Silicone Mask

Sorry Mates, Flickr’s editor is still down, it has been like more than a month already! Yet it is still being upgraded, a little bummer, but I am not famous for pretty photos. This is a dual mask review, because I wanted to watch Boss Baby (which is a funny family movie, by the way).  It is out in DVD, and we borrowed it from the library, as usual.

While I was watching the movie, I had decided to try both out.

You cannot buy My Scheming & Silicone Mask from Amazon, but ebay or Yesstyle has them. If there is a Daiso around your area, you could get the silicone mask there. Amazon has another type that I also happen to own, but this one on the photo is actually different.

My Scheming – Black and White Snail Essence Elasticity & Firming Mask

Features two separate masks:

yup, complete with kitty ears

The top black and bottom white masks, they both contain snail essence. The bottom part contains a loop that functions to tighten your chin, to stop that saggy look. The top part is just a normal stretchy material that looks good on anyone.

Both holds the essence well, and the materials are thick and of good quality.

Here is a silly photo with the anti- evaporating mask


It does not fit well, I will admit, because this is actually a 2- way mask. You can cut this silicone mask into two halves and use it separately or together.

Clearly, my ears are not meant to hold 3 loops, hence it was an epic fail. From the photo, it is obvious that this does not fit my face in one full piece. I should check out the other one later.


While the silicone 2- way anti- evaporating mask was a fail, I am promoting the other mask: My Scheming is a Taiwanese brand, and it is of good quality. If you can find it on special (sale), you should definitely give it a go. My Scheming might sound funny as a brand name, but it offers good quality beauty products.

Amazon has other products by the brand, and they are worth a go if you are keen about Taiwanese products.

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6 thoughts on “Dual Mask Review : My Scheming & Silicone Mask

  1. You know how much I love when you try out new products Ailyn. I’ve never seen snail essence being used before in products, so just Goggling what it does for your skin. Did you see a difference in using the mask? I’ve just read that it does wonders for acne scars but now I’m wondering if the cream application might work on other scars. I’ve got scarring on my shoulders from being badly sunburnt and blistering and rose hip oil hasn’t helped. Might track down some of the cream and give it a go.

    1. if you are looking for products, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese made products are the way to go . Amazon has good brands like My Scheming (Taiwan) or SAEM (Korean). they are not as expensive nowadays with its popularity, worth a try if it does not break your budget.
      in Australia, bee venom is all the rage here

    1. i have been using snail essence mask for a year now, I will say that it works well in a sheet mask but not for long. it is not as icky as you think. they sanitized it and everything, much like putting lotion on the face. works okay

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