My Sister And I by Sean-Paul Thomas

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My Sister and I
Author: Sean- Paul Thomas
Genre: Suspense, horror
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Sean-Paul Thomas presents: My Sister and I

I have read Sean- Paul Thomas before, there was Fairy Boy at Carlton Hill (review) and The Old Man And The Princess (store). But this is so far the darkest and scariest story so far from the author. Go ahead and read the synopsis, which tells you pretty much what this story is about. Ok the girls on the cover are bad enough, wait till you read what’s inside. First of all, these girls have no name in the book. Their father, a scary enough man, calls them lassie all the time.

The Scottish accent was pretty funny to read (I’m Asian, so I apologise) and it is quite colourful to say the least. Language barriers and the fact that this book is in first person, creep factor goes way up the roof. I should warn that this is not for the fainthearted. We have had some brutal killings here in Australia, suffice to say I was shocked but not … too upset about this fictitious book.

Starts off Slow

Story starts off with the narrator recounting some bits of her past, when she realised that her dad might be a smidgen of crazy. She was young then, but she could remember watching both her twin and her father’s reaction to things. As she got older, things got stranger. For starters, her childhood was pretty brutal. He would never put his hands on them, he never hit them (not that I recall reading that part). But what he did was not right either.

To me, as a reader, that this book is not just a suspense and horror book. My Sister and I revolves around the theme of nature versus nurture. Obviously, the father is trying to nurture them into something he wants. But would nature prevail? Or would the father prove to readers and the world that nurture has a strong influence in life?

Ending and Thoughts

I have to phrase this review this way, because it was thought provoking. Towards the end, as the girls were subjected to more trauma, I started to wonder what would happen to them. The dad was absolutely bonkers, and from the looks of things, quite skilled in a lot of things. I never learned the names of the girls, presumably it was the intention of the author: don’t get too close. My Sister and I is not written to invoke connections, rather some kind of observational study.

It is amazing, how a work of fiction can be horrifying and yet intriguing at the same time. Hey look this is not right! But oh my gosh what’s going to happen next? I kept reading despite the eww factor, despite knowing that it’s cruel. But what can I do, besides accompanying the twins in their journey.


Definitely a great read if you are into suspense. Not so much ghostly horror, but you might just be more wary when you see quite little girls now.

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