Nanowrimo 2017 Time: What I am Writing

I stole this from NanoWrimo

What is Nanowrimo

I was first introduced to this wonderful community by a friend, she was studying to be a journalist, while I was intent on becoming a fully- licensed- drug dealer. Nanowrimo is short forĀ National November Writing Month, where people like me pledge the month of November writing. I do not grow mustaches unfortunately, since hormones do not allow it. Movember is out of the question, any other things happening?

To win this, you have to write 50,000 words in thirty days. Hence it is around 1667 words per day, or you can sprint to the finish in a few days. There are many people who are good at writing, some can do it in a day. I am pretty sure Paper Fury did it, with the help of cake of course.

What would I be writing about?

Tell the World Badge: Nano

My plans for world domination might not be much of an interest. As you all know, Australia’s health system is different than UK and America’s. First of all, if you see a doctor and get a prescription, you can go to any pharmacy you like. I know in America the prescription gets stored within pharmacy, and you have to return to get it filled. There is no such law here, so you can essentially cheat the system if you know how.

No I am not writing about drug cheats, that is too boring. My story is about a murder… a mystery but also has some of my experience working in retail and hospital pharmacy. Right now I am trying to get the murder/ dead part done, before adding the details.

Summary:[su_spoiler title=”Wanna know more?” style=”simple” icon=”chevron”]

Someone found a body in a bin, not just any bin. This bin was slated for the incinerator, and it came from a hospital. The victim had no enemies, while he was a normal guy who was well- liked.

The detective though, is an asshole who likes to throw racist remarks on his partner. Will he be able to find the answers, or will this turn into a cold case?



What Kind of a Writer Am I?

I am a Plantser, says Nano

After winning Nanowrimo for 2 years (2014 and 2015) I have come to realize that I hate doing outlines, but I write faster and better with one. However, I also have the tendency to have this cool idea, and then write that cool idea somewhere. Which is why I use Scrivener at the moment, as the software gave good discount for Nanowrimo winners.

If you are a Plantser, and you like spreading thoughts as you write the main points, Scrivener can help a lot. One of the main things about the software, is it has templates that are helpful. I am using the character templates at the moment, though probably be using the scene ones later when I get the main story done.

There are other free ways to plot/ plan your way through without paying a cent. Microsoft has One Note or Sway, which are like pages you can keep adding to. The plus side of all these electronic software, they have a search button. The downside of all these electronic software: you need a computer, sometimes Internet for it to work.

Although Scrivener does not need the Internet, I have found a way to link my writing with my Android phone. Using Jotterpad and Dropbox, I can write on my phone, and it will sync with Scrivener. Pretty nifty, since that means I don’t have to copy and paste.

I’ll be seeing you

Although I will try to keep up with my blogging, I have no doubt that I will struggle. While I read enough books to continue with book reviews, but I just haven’t had time to write. Fortunately, many authors are understanding =) so thank you for your patience.

Will I publish my book? First I have to like it first, I hated my first two so much that I gave up on it. They are terrible, take my word for it. Are you going to be writing for Nanowrimo? Wanna be my writing buddy?

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