Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Face Cream

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Face Cream

I got this from work at half price, if you are wondering, it is because we do cycle through products according to popularity. No point wasting shelf space if it is not popular, plus things do have a best buy date. Take this one for example, it has a lower price because Neutrogena apparently have a new packing, which looks like this via Amazon

Buy Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Face Cream here if you are interested, but otherwise you can probably get it at your local pharmacy or store. I do¬† not remember where it is made from, but suffice to assume it’s not cruelty free. The biggest difference is in the packaging. Mine is a pump plastic bottle, while the new one looks more like a tube. I think this is more in product as 1.7 fl. oz equates to around 50mL. The bottle holds only 40mL, so I guess it is a win in terms of size.

Formula for Hydro Boost

I am not sure, but I believe both the old and new still contain SPF 15 sunscreen and hyaluronic acid. The gel is pretty cooling, it probably has menthol in it. I do like the consistency and the feel of the Hydra Boost. For a summer’s day, which is dry in Adelaide, the gel does make my skin feel a little more hydrated. The effect lasts quite a good while, but it is still a twice a day application.

It is blue, which is not a plus for me. I do not fancy having colouring in my facial products, even if it is for aesthetic reasons. The gel is thick but once you smear the blob, it spreads well and thin. Because it’s a hydrating formula, the gel absorbs fairly quickly and leaves¬† no residue.

For me, at that price, it is a bargain. However, I think it is an okay product for the price if you are keen. First of all, the gel is easy to use. Second of all, I think it suits a lot of skin types for its lightweight formula.

Overall, not a bad product.






Happy Easter

In Adelaide we have a Kite Festival as well! The weather was lovely and as you can see, perfect weather for flying kites at the beach. I have missed taking photos of a lolly drop event. Basically is just a very skilful person dropping candies via a kite. Of course when there’s candy, there’s loads of children looking for a sugar high. Since we didn’t know about the drop, we didn’t participate…

Overall, the Brats had a good time, as there is not much else to do on a holiday like Easter.

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