Neutrogena Sunscreen: which one you’d choose?

Neutrogena Sunscreen

Do you know Neutrogena has a few choices of sunscreens you can choose from? My favourite is its Ultra Sheer range. You can read my review about Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid here. I have made a mistake one day and gotten the wrong Sheer Zinc instead.

 Well, you can see that they are 2 different types. Sheer Zinc is a mineral based sunscreen, while Ultra Sheer is more chemical based. One is yellow and one is blue. Don’t ask me how I got both confused, but I did and bought the yellow one instead of the blue one.





Difference in Texture

The biggest issue with the Sheer Zinc is the texture and how hard it spreads. I would turn up to work looking white and shiny. Since I haven’t been applying foundation or makeup on, the whiteness is more pronounced. The image on the top says it all. It is thick and white, despite claims it will dry clear. It does not.
The Ultra sheer fluid is easier to apply and dries within a minute. I know that there will be a difference between lotion and fluid, but not this much!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Sunscreen

This I find at my local Coles at 40%, I nabbed it because it was a reasonable $10, and for a Neutrogena Sunscreen, the Hydro Boost SPF 50 has a lighter texture. The gel is light blue (tinted, of course) and there is a slight fragrance in it. Out of the three in the range, this one has a pleasant smell with menthol coolness. which may not be for everyone. But this one is best on my face, because it is easy to apply and dries as fast as the fluid.

Another bonus: the Neutrogena hydro boost has hyaluronic acid, which is the “it” ingredient for skin hydration. The hydro boost is still a chemical sunscreen, plus it is 4 hour water resistant. The gel formulation is suitable for dry or combination skin (I have combination skin).


Which Neutrogena Sunscreen would you choose?

Sheer Zinc Face is a mineral sunscreen that is thick and white. It dries clear and has a non-greasy finish. But it is hard to spread and if you apply too thickly, it will appear white and chalky.

Ultra Sheer Dry Touch is a chemical sunscreen, with 2 hour water resistant with helioplex. The Ultra Sheer does not contain fragrance, and it comes in liquid or lotion.

Hydro Boost Water gel with 4 hours of water resistance and helioplex. The gel dries clear and matte, which is great if you need to put on make up soon.

For myself, it will definitely be the Hydro Boost, although the zinc face might be good for a day at the pool or the beach, or for the body.

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