Nivea Natural Balance Cleansing Milk

Nivea Natural Balance Cleansing Milk

Nivea Natural Balance Cleansing Milk

Made by Nivea
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Nivea Natural Balance Cleansing Milk the product that I received months ago as part of the Beauty Heaven trial team. As the trial team member, I get the full size bottle in exchange for an honest review. I glad that they gave me this one, because every member gets to try something in that Naturally Good range, and I get the cleansing milk.

This Nivea Natural Balance Cleansing Milk is made in Germany, using ingredients with natural sources in a recyclable bottle. The 1% non- natural is to stabilize the formula so that it can last 10 months. The main ingredients are water and mustard seed oil, it also has chamomile and green tea. While it does not have parabens, it contains alcohol and fragrance. So if you are sensitive to those, you might have to think twice.

The unfamiliar term levulinic apparently comes from corn, and it serves as an alternative to paraben to reduce bacteria load in products.

Nivea Natural Balance Positives and Negatives

The price is a positive for me, as I am now using Lancome Galateis Douceur, and the Nivea’s Cleansing Milk is a lot cheaper. You can buy almost seven bottles of Nivea to 1 bottle of Lancome, and they both work well in removing make up. As they are both effective for me (I do not use a lot of stubborn make up), Nivea seems to be the better option as it is also vegan.

I like the fragrance; it is not overpowering, but has the clean grass after note. The one that makes you think that you have done a good job cleaning your face, even though…

You have only done half of your face… As I mentioned before, not extremely heavy make up user, very hard to tell the difference between a good brand and a store brand. But if you are like me, where makeup is only for work, it does a good job at a swipe or two on the cotton bud. Although I look like I need a strong firming cream from this one.

If I have to nitpick, the bottle not recyclable but not recycled bottle. I know that a few companies use recycled bottle that is recyclable as well. It would have been a bigger tick on Nivea’s Naturally Good range to use something terracycled. Not sure if the label is also recyclable? I mean, this feels like a half- hearted attempt in appealing to people who want a product that is Vegan and also good for the environment. They used green and the word “Naturally”, as if they are aiming for a certain market, why not go all the way?


Yes, it is from Nivea, and it works really well. If you are a person who wants something that has a natural origin and does not cost too much, then this is it. But I have to remind you that just because it is natural does not mean that it is 100% safe. People react to nature all the time, there are people who are allergic to daisies and such. I know of people who are allergic to green tea extract (organic or not) and they will break out in itches. So, natural may be better, but it may not be suitable.

Should you go for this? Maybe… I mean, yes it has all these cool claims like plant base. But if you are a person who is choosing to be vegan for the sake of our future, then you have to ask:

  1. Why did they not use recycled bottles?
  2. Are the sources sustainable?
  3. Is it truly necessary to bring out a natural range when we already have many brands that do a magnificent job? Or is it a plot to get more market share?

Peace out.

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