Nivea Oil In Lotion Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

Nivea Oil In Lotion Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

Mention Jojoba oil, and things tend to get expensive. A good amount of the oil, such as this Juvena body oil, will set you back around $42 AUD because of it. Looking at the ingredients, jojoba oil ranks in the middle of the list, which is not a lot. This bottle is Made in Spain, and I got this as part of a trial review.

Nivea Oil in Lotion claims that this is carefully blended, so that the lotion absorbs fast. I do find that it is lightweight for such an emulsion. I am happy with the texture, and how well it works. Now, the brand says that it is a delicate cherry blossom scent.

It does depend what you mean by delicate. For me, it is overpowering. The sweet scent is almost cloying, and it lingers! Well, I am not a fan of that intensity, give me non- existent if you will.

Nivea Oil in Lotion not that up close

My hand is bad at this, but the lotion is white, while the pump head has the word “NIVEA” on it. The build of the bottle is solid, almost looks like a better range product than its usual store brand items. I think that Nivea’s Oil in Lotion design is good, because it has its colours and is attractive in general.

Of course, I find that it works. For that price, it is a good item to have at home on hand, if you like the scent.

Update on Sekiro

Still chugging along! Here I am trying to kill a boss, one that will let me breath underwater (cackles). It is hard boss to kill but I am close. I only wasted two hours of my life so far, but I am determined to get my underwater breathing technique!

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