Nivea Sun Sensitive Protect SPF 50

Nivea has recently released this sunscreen in the Australian Market, but you can buy Nivea Sun Protect and Sensitive Lotion with SPF 50 here, which is more to the American market. The main difference is that the one I have contains aloe vera and chamomile. As you know, it is spring here in Australia, because Southern hemisphere is where the sun’s at!

The grass pollen, wind and dusts has been killing everyone, that with intermitten cold weather. Honestly, I do not know what to wear sometimes. We are experiencing four seasons in a day sometimes, and it is making everyone sick. But nevertheless, sun screen is important.

How Does it look

Nothing special when it comes to the packaging and contents. The Nivea Sun has a white and viscous fluid, it is in between a cream and a liquid, but not too fluid that it flows everywhere. Surprisingly, this Nivea Sun is also made in Australia, hence why it is not available anywhere else yet.

It contains 4 elements of sun protection: homosalate, octocrylene, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl triazone. All have approval as sun protection agent, but some can cause sensitivity or reaction. Nivea Sun is apparently fragrance free, which is not 100% accurate, as octocrylene sometimes can be used as fragrance. It does not smell of the distinctive Nivea fragrance, so I guess that’s what they meant?

There is no full list of ingredients, so I am unable to tell how much in % does the bottle have in aloe vera and chamomile. But I will admit that this formulation is pretty gentle for sensitive skin.

Comparing with other Sunscreens

After using so many different brands, I think this new one might be a good permanent fixture for the Australian summer. I know that I have used Aqua UV Sensitive Spray and Avene Sun emulsion, both are in the market for sensitive skin. Avene is much more expensive than this one, but it is also very gentle on skin. In terms of formulation, this lotion might be thicker, but it applies so much easier than Neutrogena Liquid SunScreen, because I can see where I have it on.

The lotion dries clear and does not leave greasy residue, and it is perfect under makeup, but it is not as light as Kose’s sun gel. I cannot fault it, but one can definitely wish for the perfect sun screen.


If you can try this, definitely give this a go. But I find that Nivea Sun range is quite good, I guess they do customise according to location. I think that for the price, it is a good product to have on hand.

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