Nivea MicellAIR Expert make-up cleansing water review

NIVEA MicellAIR Expert make-up cleansing water
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Nivea MicellAIR Expert make-up cleansing water

I got this for a trial team review, Nivea has introduced their MicellAIR make up remover, focusing on waterproof makeup. They say that this is unscented, and has black tea extract. I am not really sure what does extra oxygen mean. It is not like this bottle is full of air molecules, and even if it did, not sure if the skin actually absorbs it. There are a natural cold springs, one of them is carbonated, in Taiwan. If you go into the spring, you can feel effervescence and the cold, and staying still will feel warm in a few minutes. No joke, it is that cool! My point is, boasting extra oxygen in a makeup remover, meh. It’s not like injecting a blast of oxygen to give you skin radiance kind of thing. You don’t usually leave your makeup remover on for long, so I am not sure that MicellAIR is actually boasting it has oxygen, is a good thing.

What’s in It?

Micella water of course. It has also tea and blueberry extract, with some added extras to make the solution stable and last longer. The water is clear like Garnier’s, so just only some differences. For the same 400mL, is there a good difference to push/ recommend?

On top of the two bottles, are cotton pads. This is like a comparison/ trial review, for everyone to see… it’s the same thing… Now I am using my Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner (Review), because I know that it is waterproof and smudgeproof. It stays on my eyes for 10 hours, so take my $55 AUD please.

Let’s See! MicellAIR versus Skin Active



I drew 2 different ugly patterns on my face, because hey it’s a test and it should be fairly obvious right? One eye using Nivea’s MicellAIR, and the other I used my current bottle Garnier Skin Active.

The liner is dried, but I didn’t use any setting spray, maybe I should. But Lancome does have good staying power for me. Hooded eyes can be troublesome with the smearing/ smudging. I might be going back to Napoleon Perdis’ Chinadoll gel liner again, just because it’s $39 and not $55.

Look, I too like to save some money and buy drugstore brands, but none of them actually stay on for more than 3 hours. I am a lazy person, so I tend to buy the ones that stays a lot longer.







Really No Difference

Ta Da!! They both work well! By that I meant I could easily remove them in a swipe. Without pressing on them or leaving the soaked pads on my eyes. So essentially, they are both decent makeup removers and skin cleansers.

Not sure how much Nivea MicellAIR is, but it better not be more than Garnier if it is just as effective!

I also want to say that, even though the bottle has a 6 month best use date, my Garnier is already past that and it is still going strong. I am sure that 6 months is a good indication for whatever reason, but if you are cheap like me, it is safe to use =D and it removes well too.

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