Not Real and Not Photo-shopped

Not Real and Not Photo-shopped


Which is it?

I must say that I do like this photo, even without a full face makeup on I look decent. No other enhancements aside from my eye lashes, they are not real. I glued them on, courtesy of fake eye lashes industry.

I got the false bottom lashes from Ebay here. For me the shipping is free, but Amazon has it too. There are a few variety of false bottom lashes, I got the cheapest because I wasn’t sure if it would make me look odd.

The top lashes are from Daiso

IMG_20180903_090235949_HDR I got mine from my local store, but if you are lazy and want to get them online, Ebay and Amazon has different ones.IMG_20180903_090711374

This pair is Nude eye 02. As you will notice that there is no black band on the top. The lashes are tied to a thin, almost invisible plastic. Also the lashes look a little sparse, not like that mink type that are thick and long. I opted for this pair for a really good reason: I can’t do mink.

Mink lashes are great if you have great big eyes, or you are going all out and you need the drama. But my eyes can’t take the effect, it makes my eyes look droopy. Not to mention the weight of the eyelash makes it hard to keep my eyes open. For my practice pair, this $2.80 AUD pair of nude eye should do the trick.

As these are cheap lashes, absolutely fake and made from plastic. Though if you want better quality ones, you can buy them from proper brands like Eylure or Ardell. For practising and finding a style that you want, stick with ones that you will not be sad when you ruin them.

I have ruined a lot.


Why and How am I doing this?

2018-07-23_07-36-10I have resorted to not use my real lashes because they are pathetic. One, they don’t curl well. Two, they don’t stay curled. Three: bloody short. I had 2 coats of mascara on and it barely shows. For work, this is okay, who cares right? My value is my knowledge in warning people which drugs might actually kill them. On that note, it’s paracetamol/ acetaminophen. Overdose on that can be a painful way to die, if you realise it too late that is. Treat it early enough, and you will be fine, there’s an antidote.

Back to my lashes.

I watched a lot of Youtube videos, a lot of hacks and what not. Truth is, no amount of videos will make you a pro at making your fake eyelashes look real. You really have to ruin a lot of pairs. I took around 5 minutes to apply both upper and lower eyelashes this time around. When I started, I needed around half an hour to get it right. Five minutes is still time- consuming when you are in a rush.

The lashes in the photo are not stuck on the top of my eye lashes, there was a trend going around a while ago that sticks them in the bottom. What I meant is sticking false eyelashes underneath your eyelash. It’s not very comfortable if you have heavy ones. These nude eye were just right in weight for me. Sticking them underneath my eyelashes means that I could get away with not having eye liner on, but it’s not recommended.

Most glues are not eye- friendly and they sting. Unless you have good reason to (like me), sticking them normal way is still the best way to go.

Yay or Nay?

What do you think? Should I keep the bottom lash or not?

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