November Nano #Win! (Plus an eye cream review)

Winner of Nanowrimo 2017

November Nanowrimo Done

Things that I managed to do for 2017’s Nanowrimo: when to the write in twice, and saw Sean Williams for one of the write ins. I didn’t ask for an autograph or a photo, because no one else asked for it.  He did give us a lot of inspiration for writing, as well as real life issues when you are a writer. For one, paying taxes.

He has written with Garth Nix, here’s one of them :

Have Sword Will Travel (Amazon Link)

I am waiting for his Impossible Music, it is about a musician who becomes deaf, and wants to create music for deaf people. I am influenced by his excitement, hopefully I get to read it. Pretty sure the library will keep it, because he is a New York Best Seller who lives in Adelaide, Australia. If not I’d just ask them to buy it for me. Muahah


Now that November is almost over (for me it is another 30 minutes) I get to have a month’s rest before committing to edit my work. I am pretty happy about the amount of scene/ character growth in those 50,000. However, my characters had decided on the last scene, to change their bloody minds. So I will be stuck doing a 2nd draft until I am happy with it. Currently my scenes are all action based, which is pretty boring because my characters are forced to work. That is why they decided to rebel and have some relationship issues at the very end.

I am not all upset about it, actually I am hopeful that they would evolve into something more.

So I got Panda Eyes During Nanowrimo

Who doesn’t?


I got this from Target a long time ago, I think it is Target? But never mind, since they are no longer stocking this Hydratherapy eye cream anyway. The cream boasts to have CoQ10 and Vitamin E, which is an anti- wrinkle eye cream.

Didn’t do much for my eye bags, but happy to report that my eyes doesn’t seem to suffer from the dryness and the heat from the crazy weather. For that price, it is a bonus if my eyes suddenly gets all beautiful and smooth.

It is a cream, with Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant to stop damage around the eyes. I am still using it, as the size is also quite decent. Am I happy with it? Not really, but I haven’t been able to find time to shop around.

Maybe Christmas shopping I will be on the lookout for a nice one.


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4 thoughts on “November Nano #Win! (Plus an eye cream review)

  1. Congratulations on winning your words Ailyn! That’s amazing! My husband actually participated too and reached his goal as well. I’m not much of a writer and wouldn’t even attempt to write to be honest. The best treatment for puffy eyes is always rest and sleep, staying out of the sun. I’m yet to find a great eye care cream for those little fine lines that I’be noticed are starting to appear. Avon used to make a decent one, not sure they still stock it though.

    1. Avon has a lot of nice stuff, but I don’t know any Avon lady =(
      congrats to your husband for a job well done! Bet he’s happy XD
      as for staying out of the sun, with two kids that is almost impossible

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