Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation

Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation

If you are interested in this foundation, you can get it via eBay here. Or via the company’s website for more shades, there’s like 20 different shades. My shade is Soft Sand, which looks a lot paler on my hands. The bottle is a pump dispenser, with a cool metal cover and a frosted finish glass bottle. This retails for AUD 39.95, and I got it for half price, which is $20.

The Formulation

You might be interested to know that this Nude by Nature Flawless foundation is made from Bamboo Powder for a soft focus effect, Baobab Fruit Extract, and Australian native Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly. Of course it is a mineral based foundation, meaning it has silica and bentonite as well. Happy to note that this brand is cruelty free and PETA- certified, but uses beeswax and lanolin, so this is not vegan I think.

Nude by Nature Flawless foundation claims to be a long wearing foundation, that provides a flawless finish. The oil free and fragrance free formula can be layered up to create a medium to flawless coverage, and it will be a matte finish. Even though this is dermatologist tested, there will still be people who can be allergic to natural ingredients like Baobab or bamboo. The formula is not drying at all, despite the mineral base. I will not say that it is completely oil free, but they have a different form of vitamin E inside.

The Look

I use their foundation brush, which is terrible. I also had that brush on half price, but seriously I would not recommend that brush to anyone ever! Their kabuki brush is so soft and luxurious, but the foundation brush feels like I am using porcupine to apply foundation onto my face.  You may laugh, but I kid you not. Oh yes, this is my first time using the foundation, and I have applied too much! I do look pretty terrible, after this photo I clean the rest off. As you can see, not really my shade? But the coverage is decent, I will not over do it with the brush. It leaves streaks. But if you are using make up sponge, you can actually layer up for a wonderful finish.







I don’t like this Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation actually

First of all, it gives me pimples! Then the foundation is not really for warm skin types in that Soft Sand tone, perhaps I got the wrong shade. But you can only buy certain shades online, which means you might have to risk buying the wrong shade. They do free returns, but not sure it is worth the time and hassle for foundation. There are plenty out there, such as Maybelline’s Fit Me  that is slightly cheaper and just as good in terms of shade choices.

As much as I like Australian made products, Nude by Nature is a good brand that has somehow going downhill for me. While their mineral foundation is still popular and has a cult following, I fear that their other products are suffering from lack of interest. Their brushes are not as good, which means no one will go back for seconds. I am a bit sad, because this was a very big name a few years ago. It goes to show that you have to always innovate or lose out.

Side Note

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