NuDerma Advanced Complex Repairing Mask Review

NuDerma Advanced Complex Repairing Mask Review

I need sleep more than I need a mask

No seriously, I really need my sleep. Not only the Princess brat has been waking up needed a feed, she goes to the wrong person. Imagine a baby asking a man for a breastfeed, and then watch her face morphs into rage as she realises that daddy ain’t got the goods.

That is how I wake up, jolt awake to my kid’s raging cries of breast addiction. Now, she’s not a baby *technically* anymore, she’s already 1 year and 2 months old! Couple that with a few late night jobs, I sometimes work at home, doing blog posts and writing stuffs for my current boss. How do people work from home, with kids? Do they drug them so they sleep through? Or have super powers?

Maybe that time- turner? I am seriously struggling with all the distractions and issues that crop up while I try to make things work. Bleh.

A look at the back of the NuDerma Mask

We have the usual Hyaluronic acid, and some fermented stuff in the pack. Panthenol is a vitamin/ antioxidant, while the well known favourite, the aloe leaf extract is in the middle of the list. It does have some fragrance, but I didn’t notice it. I got this for free when I bought some sunscreen by Nuderma, I love the gel feel of the sunscreen, so I bought some. The mask is complementary, and I am glad it was given to me. I looked at the price later, definitely would not have bought it if I have to.


Thoughts about the Mask

The ingredients and the quality is not bad, but I hate it.

The mask doesn’t sit well on my face, it is too thick to conform. My chin is left unsatisfied, while I wonder if my hair is liking the mask as well. For the contents, I do not think the price is fair. Oh yes, definitely over, considering that I have no memory of the exact figure, I remember the feeling of shock at the price tag. This does not have an online store, it is like a departmental brand in Taiwan. If you want to find one, there are plenty in drug stores and beauty shops.

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    1. with my first one it was 2.5 years, after he turned 1.5 years it was the night feed I had trouble weaning him off. The only consolation is that my kids are not very sickly. and generally recover quickly from viruses
      gotta love mummy-hood, keep reminding myself this ain’t forever *the nursing i mean*

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