Nuskin G3 Juice review

Nuskin G3 Juice review

So I was feeling a little stressed during winter in July, now that I have 2 brats it is harder to keep them both healthy if one keeps bringing bugs home. Not only that, Prince Brat would need his inhalers beginning autumn.

Reliever and Inhaler

because he would suffer from these viral bronchitis or a cold would make him cough and puke at night. Of all the symptoms that I hate, it is the night coughing and spewing. Oh we do have a steam vaporizer, but I would prefer preventing it rather than treating it.

So my friend was promoting g3®, she had great success with her own two children, who are generally not as healthy as mine (honest, serious she said so). This is a direct selling brand, and this Nuskin G3 juice is made out of gâc ( 木鰲果 Momordica cochinchinensis), Chinese lycium aka wolfberry, Siberian pineapple (not sure why other pineapples are not okay) and cili fruit (Rosa Roxburghii)

The Claims

Nuskin G3 juice boasts to have high concentration of lipocarotenes, a carotenoid that is a powerful antioxidant. We all know that antioxidants help with immune system, because it prevents our cells from getting mutated and destroyed prematurely and all.

Basically, the juice not- humbly claims that it can help with immune system and keep skin youthful. To me, the most important feature is my kids not falling sick. Looking at my friend’s children, I was keen to give it a go.

How I Used the Nuskin G3 Juice


Of course the brat has to drink it first! He is one fussy eater, and I was worried that he would reject the juice outright. He did though, in the beginning. The taste is sweet with a tart undertone, but not unpleasant. The dose is 60mL daily, it may be little, but given the cost I guess 60mL is reasonable.

You could dilute it, but it is not that thick or strong tasting that I would just make the kid drink it neat. Why prolong the suffering? We have been drinking the juice every day, almost without fail for 6 weeks now. If you are doing only one dose a day, a bottle would last about ten days.

The Verdict

As much as I hate to say it, the Nuskin G3 Juice works. For the Brattier Princess, I had resorted to this

sneaking it into her food

Ironically, she’s the non- fussy eater among the two. Maybe it’s just the fact that it is a liquid, she had no problems eating it. I actually soaked the juice in bread for her to eat, she would eat it happily, but would balk at drinking the juice.

I am drinking it too, as Princess has been refusing, I have been drinking her share for myself, since I’m still breastfeeding I hope she gets the benefit. Not sure how long we are going to breastfeed for, it would be great if she gives up herself, but probably once she hits the two year mark before she gets cut off. Brat got 2.5 years out from me, which is more than enough.


Prince Brat has been puffer free since we started! I am amazed, slightly by how well it works. This is just juice, albeit a little on the thick side. Not sure how well I look, but health wise I am good. Haven’t been sick despite the crazy Hot and Cold *Katy Perry does know what she’s singing about hey*

If you are interested, this is my affiliated link. I think you have to know that this is not cheap, a set of four bottles to last the month is around AUD200 for me. Which is a lot, but … a good night sleep? Priceless.

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    1. we are in the southern hemisphere so our winter was in July, when I started this juice. So I am happy to report it works well. I’m just continuing because hay fever season is coming up and I want to see if Prince Brat does well without his allergy meds

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