Olay Magnemasks Infusion Review

Olay Magnemasks Infusion

The Rejuvenating Face Mask for Fine Lines & Sagging Skin Magnemask Starter Kit, and the hydrating jar mask available in my local store (but not Amazon). The magnetic infuser came with the hydrating jar mask actually. But both were selling at less than half price, and I snagged them. In the world without toilet paper, I still want to look pretty. Amazingly, one of the supermarkets say that they had sold 4 month’s worth of toilet paper in 4 weeks, I wonder what they do with it?


The Olay Magmemasks follow a Korean beauty trend, encouraging you to massage to push the active ingredients deeper into the skin level. I am a skeptic, because I tested the infuser and it does not have any magnets in it. I am not sure if it is a gimmick or it is just a term they use. It has a video on their official website here.

What does it contain?

The rejuvenating mask has pentapeptide and niacinamide (B3) that is good for cell repair. The hydrating mask has cucumber extract, witch hazel, peptapeptide and *gasp* no hyaluronic acid! The other ingredients are quite hard to pronounce, but they do not relate to magnets at all. Mostly agents to keep the mask moist and allow the skin to absorb it once you massage. So again, I am doubting the usefulness of the device itself.

Trying the Magnemask

I am using the rejuvenating mask for the first time, because I have been experiencing some skin tiredness. The picture below is for the rejuvenating mask, which some people do not like the CI 16035 (Allura red) inside the product. It is also called Red Dye 40, and has some reports that it is toxic to humans. Although it is approved in FDA, I guess if you want to avoid it, you will not want this one. The Hydrating cream does not have added pigments, it is white like a fluffy cloud =D

And both are made in Singapore, which is another reason for my decision to buy it. It does look suspicious because it has Mandarin characters, but we live in the 21st century now this should not come as a shock.

There is a method to using the infuser: circular motion upwards. Or refer to the website for more instructions. The mask’s gel formula makes it easy for smooth massaging. And my face is red because I have been doing it for a minute before the picture. I guess it stimulates some blood flow, or perhaps the job is tiresome. I don’t know if the infuser will work with non-magnemask products, but I have enough tools in my bathroom that my kid will wonder how many faces I have.


The first thing I notice after using this for 3 days: alternating between red and blue, is my skin does feel different after the Magnemasks infusion. No tightness after a face wash, and more importantly, my laugh lines seem to firm up more. It is telling, because I hate my laugh lines. I do prefer my Lumiskin KasiĀ  because it cleans and also massages. But for the price that I paid, it is a good deal.

What I have been doing

Since Covid-19, I am still working part time as a pharmacist, but I am exhausted after my shift. It is amazing how when you tell people to stay home, they find reasons to come out. Coming to a pharmacy for medications seems to be one of their favourites. Worse, some of these people are high risk and they are the ones who are shrugging it off and saying that they are okay. As we are coming into flu season soon, I hope this magnemasks can artificially make me look more energetic than the exhaustion I am feeling from serving ungrateful oldies who thinks I should be doing things in record time because “no one else is there.”



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