Onyx Webb : Book Eight Reivew

Onyx Webb : Book 8
Author : Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Genre: paranormal, romance, intrigue
Series: Onyx Webb 8

Onyx Webb is Inviting You To A Ball

Book Eight is moving along great, if you have not read Book One, now is a good to start, because you do not want to miss the Solstice Eclipse Ball, which is going to be epic!

First of all, our resident serial Killer is going to make an appearance. He has been sloppy currently in Book Eight due to his drug addiction, but he is planning something big. To make things sweeter, his prey has just fallen into his lap, gift wrapped and all.

Then we have the heroine of the book: Onyx herself. After her financial situation improves, her helper dares to dream big. Will Onyx be able to put down her past enough to accept a future? Not to mention her current situation. I am rooting for her to find happiness, but I am not sure if that is what she wanted.

Koda and his obsession was paid off, but he had unwittingly invited more guest along to the ball that he knows. His father Bruce remains the only person in the Mulvaney family who is in the dark, but he is smart, I am sure that he will catch on quick enough.

Between them, there’re the ghost catchers and the witnesses, soon all will gather at the main event. I really cannot wait to be at the front row sits, to be honest, I don’t mind being a fly at the ball. The authors are planning something huge, I do not mean expensive or extravagant.

Rubbing my hands in glee, I have my invitation to the ball!

You are invited!


The Onyx Webb series has always been full of suspense and intrigue. I have been a follower of Onyx since book one, when I was approached by the authors for a fair review. Since then, the journey with the characters have been fun and exciting. This is like an Asian drama, full of twists and turns, you will like it, I promise you.

Onyx Webb is inviting you to the Solstice Eclipse Ball, are you coming? You have to read all eight books first Share on X

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