Onyx Webb: Book Seven – Story Continues

Onyx Webb: Book 7
Authors: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Series: Book 7/ Episodes 19- 21
Genre: Multi- genre (suspense, paranormal, horror to name a few)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

I am back for book 7 review.

Onyx Webb book 7 came to me around Halloween, life got in the way as usual. I did read it in one go, because it is so addictive. I am very proud to say I am an Onyx Webb groupie, if there is such a thing. My favorite character? Gotta be Koda Mulvaney, aside from having heart of gold, he is also one of the most persistent person alive in the book. This series has to be read in order, so get your Onyx Webb book 1 here.

As the world becomes more intrigued with the mystery of Onyx Webb and her home, a serial murderer is at large, and there are a lot of scores to settle here in book seven. The timelines are slowly converging, I wonder where does everything lead to? Book 7 seems to have some answers emerging from long time ago, particularly the story about a missing girl.

My highlight of the book? The battle between Onyx Webb and her arch nemesis, did not see that coming at all. Then we have a grudge that needs to be settled, and a romance that seems to be going nowhere. The remaining questions are spoilers, so I cannot post them here. *Sigh*

I am sure that this is a book for everyone old enough to understand ghosts, revenges and ulterior motives. There is indeed something for everyone in this series: romance, crime, mystery, the list goes on. Like most other readers/ bloggers that enjoy Onyx Webb since the beginning, this definitely will be a captivating TV series. The creepy setting will attract horror genre lovers, and you will definitely stay for the mystery.

You are warned, addictive series ahead.

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  1. I feel like I’ve seen these books around but have never actually looked into them. You’ve made the series sound interesting though! I’ll go check it out 🙂

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