Onyx Webb the Finale : Book Review

Onyx Webb: Book Ten: Episodes 29, 30, 31 & 32 Kindle Edition
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: paranormal, romance, ghost, thriller

Onyx Webb : The Finale

It was meant to end, because Onyx and Noah finally were happy, The Southern Gentleman slipped up during his quest, and the loose ends were finally beginning to be tied up. Book Nine was not that far ago, back in May. The story had been steadfastly moving towards the end since book one. I am sad to see it end, though I am sure that Richard and Andrea will be starting a new series soon.

A writer never stops writing, I think.

The Story

Onyx Webb is the name of the supposedly main character Onyx Webb, but in truth it is not just about her. From book one, there have been multiple characters, starting with the disappearance of a girl: Juniper Cole. The first few books have different timelines, but had since converged into one main timeline around book 5. The Leg Collector’s obsession, Koda Mulvaney’s brush with paranormal and a killer nun are just one of the events that happened in relation to her, directly or indirectly.

They are also multiple story lines, Onyx Webb is not just a ghost story. It also has mystery and puzzles, and I do love my puzzles. My favorite part would be when Newt showed up, the genius boy who managed to solve a lot of cold cases for the police. Then the ghosts start appearing.

By twist of fate, the authors skillfully avoided telling who which ones are not alive. Aside from Onyx, it is a guessing game for some of the characters in the book. Some I figured out, others were a surprise. If ghosts are real, I definitely want to be like Onyx.

Ten Stories On…

It is okay to doubt that all ten books in the series might flop somewhere. Thankfully and amazingly, I loved all ten books. I love the time I spent with Onyx, but actually I spent more time swooning about Newt and Koda. It was a great pleasure being part of a scene in parts, other times it was more as a spectator.

And it takes a lot of planning to reach this level: ten books that consistently delivers awe, surprise and “oh my god where’s the rest?” Not many books do that, usually by book four I’m already moving on… So, this alone, is a feat worthy of the gods. Even Harry Potter only have seven books right?


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