Onyx Webb : Ninth Book with Four Chapters

Onyx Webb: Book Nine: Episodes 25, 26, 27 & 28
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: multi-genre, paranormal, mystery, thriller
Series: Onyx Webb 9

Nine Books later… still can’t let go

The most important thing that I should share about Onyx Webb is this: nine books later, still exciting. Unlike some series that feels like its dragging its feet after a few books later, Onyx kept me on my toes with its multiple characters and limitless genres. With multi-genre series, it is like the authors were saying “screw the rules!”

Hence this is one hard book to read from the middle or the end, because Onyx Webb starts from book one, don’t even try starting anywhere else. Why ruin a good series just because you are lazy? Probably it means that you are not ready, come back when you have time to wallow in the sadness or follow the mystery of ghosts.

Penultimate/ Ultimate

While this is the penultimate book, as described by the authors and other readers. To me it was the ultimate book of the series. Not only there was this super special event, which lead to a lot of people dying; a lot of answers come out. Good to see that the authors are starting to tie up loose ends. Although I am a little sad about how some things panned out, but an ending done well is still closure.


I have recommended Onyx Webb since book one, because this series had been captivating and mesmerizing from day 1. It will be a sad moment when it ends, because I have had to much fun with all the characters in the book.

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