Who Thought Up This Strange Toy: Oonies?

During Christmas, Prince Brat had the best time among us all. Being 5 and the only kid who understands Santa and presents, he was the unofficial, frowned- upon present opener. Yes, Prince Brat opened everyone’s presents… if you want to open your own present you have to snatch it away from him.

One of these presents was Oonies!


Forgive my rough language, but Prince Brat really called them boobies, he just couldn’t stop and it stuck. It really did not help when these things are spherical and has the little “nipple” after you inflate it. This is a starter pack that we got, and of course this has a “continuation pack” of more of the little stuff. The starter pack comes with 20 initial oonies (I think…), coupled with the sticky ears, eyes, limbs and other appendages.

This is not really for families with young kids. I will warn you now… we broke every single Oonie… actually the kids did.

The Unboxing of Oonies

First of all, sorry about the mess. Prince Brat was excited, Princess Brat was even more so. It was hard to keep them off pumping up the little balloons and pop them later on. This is why the toy is strictly for older kids: once you pop them they are not reusable. Period.

As you can see from the little instruction manual, you can make animals with the attachments eyes. This is just one of the ways you can play after you inflate. These babies can stick on glass and mirrors, one of the suggested games is Connect4 on the windows. Or make a rainbow Oonies or snake on any surface that these thing sticks on. Yes, these are sticky as Post It notes, not sure how well they stay on because never got the chance to find out.

The white one is the inflator, with a detachable base. All the parts come stuck together in a row. On the right corner are the ones that Prince Brat made me create…

Oh I do spoil that child…

That’s actually Princess’ hand photobombing my take. This thing did not last, she popped it straight after she got her hands on it. It was cute while it lasted. You may have noticed the little yellow label behind her hand, another reason why this is not young kid friendly. The thing is easy enough for an older child, but for a 5 year old (and a bratty 1 year old), it proved to be too much for them to handle.

They did step 4, which is to press the depressor down, but they always forget Step 7, lifting it up. The result is a prematurely popped Oonie :ie broken beyond repair. *sigh*

So in the end, they broke all the little balloons by the next day.

If you are Interested, Amazon has them.

Here is the ad for it on Youtube…

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