Orbitkey Active Key Organizer Review

Orbitkey Active

Orbitkey Active Rubber Key Organizer
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I got the Orbitkey Active because I was sick of having keys in my pocket poking me and how some keys will catches in the ring. So I found one on clearance on the website, with the express shipping it’s $35 AUD roughly, which I think it is a good deal.

What is it made of

This particular Active range is polymer TPU, but you can get leather, crazy horse leather, nylon or canvas. The active has a smooth feel and it does not feel cheap or plastic.

The screws (round ends) and the D ring are metal, so there are no worries that they might break off. While you can buy cheaper generic brands, but I am happy that this looks like it will last me a good while.

It also comes with an extra metal washer if you have fewer keys. I have five keys in the Orbitkey Active, and the remote control and a car key on the D- ring. The cylinder is an antistatic or static remover I got from Ebay; it catches the static and I won’t get a shock when I open my car door.


I broke a key when I was trying to unlock the door. Well, my main issue is that the Orbitkey active serves as a leverage and the key cannot handle that much force. I honestly swear that I do not use that much force to open a door, so if you are using an organiser it is best to be careful.

Otherwise, I am happy with it. the keys are neater and less jingle- jangle in my pockets. Plus they take up less space in my bag, Of course if there is a way to minimise the remote and car keys, I will consider that too.

OrbitKey or Other Brands

One thing before deciding on the brand, I have looked on Amazon for various reviews, but the price is one that settles it. Most good brands are expensive (this brand is not cheap as well) and some reviews are not flattering. Since this is on clearance, I will not be sad if it breaks or disappoints. At the moment, I am happy to have a set of keys that do not protrude or jangle. So, if you are looking for a good present for Christmas or birthday, this might a good idea.

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