The Other Brother

The Other Brother

The Other Brother
Author: Hazel Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Beta Brothers #4
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The Other Brother is the fourth book for Hazel Kelly’s Beta Brother’s series. This reads a standalone, which is helpful as I haven’t read any. It all starts with a zuchini, even when Piper was down in the dumps, she still reaches out to help a poor handsome stranger who was about to pick the wrong vegetable. Ash Warbuton is a perfectionist, he’s gone through four chefs already, each one fails to meet his high standards. Initially, Ash hires this random girl he only met twice a position as his personal chef because

a) she doesn’t cry when he criticizes her
b) she listens and tries to make things better.

For Ash Warbuton

Piper is a dream come true for Ash, mainly because she cooks so well. For Ash, she means he no longer has to suffer sub- par food or touchy- feely people. But Piper is a pretty girl, and then sexual tensions are high. Both do not want to upset the balance they have, as they are in a great place.

Ash has his secrets, but Piper also has some skeletons in her closet. But when something small threatens their peace, both have to decide if their relationship is worth the fight.


The Other Brother is a funny, cheesey contemporary romance. Piper and Ash likes to throw around innuendos, but also share a lot of heartfelt moments. This is a romance that I dream about, it takes work, but real love is worth it.

I have to say that I do wish that Piper would share some of her amazing recipes that keep Ash from firing her.

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