Paramnesia by Brian Wilkinson: Review

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Author Brian Wilkinson
Series: The Deadish Chronicles, Book #1
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy , Teens & YA
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My Second Shot at Paramnesia

This is a review after reading the edited version of Paramnesia, kind of more to fantasy than sci- fi with everything that is written in the book. Story follows Nora Edwards, a girl who is always ridiculed for her snores. While Nora struggles with the pains of deviated septum and teenage-hood, something sinister is going on. The story starts with a scary murder, and then jumps to the current scene: a year later at the same town.


Nora Edwards: friend, sister and infamous for her loud snoring, she is described as smart and pretty. Although I find that sometimes she can whine a little bit too much, but overall a heroine at heart

Tom: her brother, the annoying one who seems to always provide the backup she needs.

Veronica: her best friend and popular girl at school.

Andrew Manes: her love interest

Revenant: the enemy of the story.

There are more characters than the 5, but as you can see, aside from Nora there is nothing much to say about her support characters. They are great as supportive, but not much of a role between them. The Revenant is a mystery until the end.


While this is a vast improvement from the first ARC a year ago, I am still a little sceptical at this being a series. There’s pain of loss, happiness in gain, and a lot of running around. While the premise and plot can be considered unique, I failed to connect with Nora and her story in general. I like her, but after a few days she’s no longer on my mind. I’m not asking for memorable or something that sweeps me of my feet, but it can be improved more.

There is a lot of promise, it could have gone a few ways, but the author seemingly prefers the safe route. I understand that Nora and Andrew are special, but I am sure they can take more difficult situations, or at least 1 heart stopping moment. So far there are few scenes that I was interested in, but it fizzled out as the goal is achieved too quickly. I guess if this is a game I would have lost interest ages ago.


Since you cannot buy it anyway, I think I can safely say that even the author acknowledges the need for more work in Paramnesia. It is not bad, but at current level, it might fall into mediocrity and be forgotten as soon as story ends.


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