Pearl White : Murder in Savannah Book 3 Review

Pearl White
Author: Lindsay Marie Miller
Series: Murder in Savannah 3
Genre: Mystery
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Pearl White: Murder in Savannah 3

Tom and Addie are back in the third book of the series. Only this time, the pair is graduating and planning for their next stage in lives. Starting of with birthday wishes for our 18 year old *finally*, Addie is not legally an adult!

Her life is slowly returning to normal mode: dramas with friends, and arguments with parents. Except her friends aren’t talking about fashion and gossip, and her parents aren’t too warm and fuzzy. In these relationships, you do have to read from book 1. Addie feels trapped, somehow with how things are.
So when a special invitation came from an unlikely source, Addie jumps on it. Tom, being the ever faithful boyfriend, plays the role of doubter and support. While the progress of the story is going well, Addie isn’t.


Tom plays the role of a protector, the person who is always making sure that Addie doesn’t do something stupid and impulsive. He’s the guy whom you want in real life, though guys like him usually get friend-zoned for no reason. In Pearl White, he’s the hero, one that I wonder when he’s going to quit.
Seriously, Addie is one odd heroine. On one hand, she is a great friend, and a loving kid *in general*. Though she’s always whining about something. I think that’s her greatest weakness, and the overall weak link in the book. She’s constantly complaining about her adoptive parents, and that Tom isn’t supportive enough.
Let’s say that Tom is Ron to Addie’s Hermione, get it?

The Little Issue

I love the new setting, and the change in circumstance that propels the series in a different direction. However, the habit of getting cut interrupted while we reach a juicy bit, or the light bulb suddenly gets turned off or broken by an incident is no longer cool. I think personally, that the author needs to stop doing that.

It’s not fooling anyone, and it only shows that our heroine is very easily distracted. Seriously, out with it. It may be a major part of the story, but trying the same trick three times is too many already. I am sure that your series can still work even if we all know the truth.


I’ve been with Tom and Addie since book 1, and it’s like an older sister watching her younger siblings grow. I cringe when she says stupid things, and shake head when Tom tries too hard. Although sometimes I wonder what logic is Addie working on, but overall she’s a good person.

The mystery remains, though I hope there’s more answers soon.

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