Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Bronzer and Blush SPF 30


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Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Bronzer and Blush SPF 30

This Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Bronzer and Blush SPF 30 is already being discontinued, which is partially why it was half price when I picked it up. I myself am a fan of the brand, it is quite a good drug store brand that delivers without the hefty price tag. I am sure $20 was not too expensive if you want something that can do a lot of things in one go right?

That was before I watched the Wayne Goss video about lies companies tell for products. So… This Super BB bronze and blush apparently can give you SPF 30 protection, and make you look almost perfect. Well, other more believable claims are hypoallergenic and paraben free, as well as dermatologist approved.

While the Physicians Formula usually has great stuff, I was drawn to this one because I did want a bronzer blush combo. This is a light/ medium shade, which is something that I thought suited me. The bronzer was not too dark, while the blush is a more natural shade. Even if it does not really do much of the perfecting/ smoothing BB cream job, I would have liked the colour of the duo. The brush is a cute shape, so you can pick up both at one swipe.

Of course, if you want to do your down blush/ bronze, you can just use one side. Or most would have their own blusher brush. I sometimes do the brush in circular motion, which defeats the purpose anyway. This brush has been cleaned, by the way. As you can see, the pigments are still visible, but more bronzer than the blush.

However, despite that, you really cannot see anything on my skin with just 2 swipes.

Physicians Formula Bronzer and Blush ? Where?

This is one of the more disappointing moments for me. You can hardly see anything! Okay maybe if you squint, some pink blush on my arms. The bronzer is below it, which blends in really well with my skin. On my face, well.. it has more of a natural subtle glow. I did a few swipes on my arm to get this much colour to show. The brush feels fluffy and soft, really love the light touch on my skin. Definitely a good quality bristle, but the colour may be of some contention.

If you want something that is obvious, this might come as a flop. But for me, I like it. The understated quiet glow is like: I’m healthy looking.


Too bad this is being discontinued. However, I much prefer the Natio brand one when they did it in 2012, but also discontinued. The new launch bronze and blush was not as good as the first batch they did. Somehow, I will keep coming back for this combo, because it really compliments my skin without shouting from the roof. Perhaps when I am brave enough I’d do a makeup look =d


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