Pixi by Petra Rose Glow Mist

Pixi by Petra Rose Glow Mist

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I found the Pixi Rose Glow Mist in Myer’s Department store, and Princess wanted it for herself. The bottle is pink and has a nice rosy smell when you spray it.

The Main ingredients

Rose oil, argan oil and avocado oil. But there are antioxidants like Arnica, Yarrow, Violet, Hibiscus, Aloe vera, gentian, geranium and many more water soluble. As you can see, without shaking it, the oil phase floats to the top. So you have to shake it really well to mix it up.

How to Use

I use it to mist my face after cleansing, when the skin needs a little moisturizing. But you can also use it as a setting spray for a dewy finish; or before makeup to create a smooth barrier.

The Pixi spray nozzle dispenses a nice fine mist, just give it a good shake to mix the water and oil well before pressing the top with the nozzle facing the face.

I know the picture is funny, but she really likes the way how the mist settles.

Since I am using Lancome Setting Spray, I do not think that the Rose mist will perform better that it to set makeup. But it soothes the skin after a hot day and provides some hydration back to the skin. Christmas was dry last year, and it’s May now, 5 months of use per bottle is a good deal for $15.


This may be a great mother’s day present if you are thinking about a beauty item. It is quite reasonable in cost, and enjoyable in use. The bottle is lightweight plastic but it can withstand a few falls off the counter (as the brat tries to steal it a lot!). Overall, if you are looking for a skin mist that multitasks, this is a good one.


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