Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle Review

Play-Doh Castle for Prince Brat’s Birthday

For his birthday, Prince Brat chose a present for himself, from his grandparents back in Malaysia. Well I can’t be mean and say that he can’t have what he wants, especially when I had manipulated him into not buying another Lego set. So here we are, reviewing this Play Doh Ice Cream Castle.This set comes with instructions! Setting up can be a challenge, because the instructions are not very clear about how the pieces fit. But we managed (hubby and me) in the end. The set comes with two special sprinkle Play Doh and 2 normal colored ones, I forgot which color because we have heaps of it. Together with the castle comes spoons, and ice cream cups.

If you are interested, Amazon has it, as usual. It is a pretty cool Christmas presents if you have kid who loves ice cream and Play-Doh.

A lot of Bits

The thing about this castle is that there are a lot of bits, and there’s only a place for the nozzles to go. The cups and spoons can go flying everywhere when kids are playing. I got a bag to keep them, but at least the parts are not tiny like Lego and tend to disappear into the carpet. It has 6 ice cream discs that helps make different patterns of swirly ice creams, 5 spoons, 4 dishes, 2 cones, roller.

The one on the left is a sprinkle maker, where you crank the lever to create little bits of sprinkles. A nightmare for me because the clean up is horrendous on carpet. And the internal for the castle frequently gets stuck with Play Doh. See picture below, see the blue bit in the middle? Took me ages to take it out, because I’m paranoid.

The middle one is the main ice cream maker, where you put Play-Doh at the top and then press down to create different patterned ice cream, depending on nozzle. The right one is also an ice cream maker, albeit it only has a set pattern. The main attraction of the castle is the amount of tiny moulds decorating the castle. There’s a drawbridge with a dinosaur one underneath it. among many interesting patterns.

There Are instructions too


It definitely has a lot of fun going into it, you can make plenty of ice creams, and decorate them with donuts, teddy bear candies and flowers. I like how you can create a lot of condiments to go with your ice cream. But in reality, my kid just had fun making the dinosaur, then making me scream for help as he churns the said dino into ice cream. I am telling you, I’m watching that kid.


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    1. some odd reason he takes perverse pleasure in that =/ we have other dino moulds so it’s a good 30 minute fun. If it weren’t for baby brat I would be graduated to kinetic sand, which can be vaccummed

  1. Hahaha. You should do more toy reviews Ailyn, so entertaining. I remember Play Doh from when I was a child too, even back then I remember sitting at the table to play with it because it was too hard to remove from the carpet. Sounds as though you both had a great time and happy birthday little Prince! <3

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