Prejudice Meets Pride Review

Prejudice Meets Pride
Author: Rachael Anderson
Series: Meet Your Match 1
Genre: Romance
Publisher: HEA Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1941363072

Prejudice Meets Pride … just your normal romance story

I remember getting this from Instafreebie, I am still unsure how I ended up subscribing it, but they do have good books once in a while. Plus, I have not been reading pure romance stories for a while now, there are so many genres to explore, and a single genre books seem to be unexciting at the moment. Glad to know that this is not true.

In the hands of skill author Rachel Anderson, Prejudice Meets Pride is about prideful Emma Mackie and prejudiced Kevin Grantham. Right from the started I wanted to slap Kevin, yup, because he is such a jerk! Ah yes, I have fallen into the trap of relating to my characters already.

When Emma turns up in Colorado Springs, moving into an old home with her two nieces, she was at a loss. She no longer recognizes her life, to top that off, she has to find a way to finance her new family. Then comes Kevin, who seems to be a nice guy, until he starts to complain about his new neighbor’s battered old car.

After a few wrong foot, Kevin and Emma finally somehow find common ground. There are some moments of hilarity, particularly when the foot was in his mouth. Overall, you have to know that all romance stories will have romantic times right? So there are a few hiccups, not as many romantic moments though.

Not to say that this book is not romantic, it is. If you are thinking about 999 flowers and lovely dates, this might not be your book.


Prejudice Meets Pride is a funny, heart- warming book about two people falling in love. Share on X

Prejudice Meets Pride may be fun and touching, it is still a single genre romance. Having read so many multi- genre books, I appreciate the simplicity of having just one theme to write about. This also reinforces my own reading habits, while I recommend this book, I will not be returning much to romance genre (alone) for a while. The book world has too much to offer, too many books my reading list to enjoy a single theme book.

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