Princess Brat’s Review : MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

MooGoo is another Australian Beauty!

Princess Brat says:

Mommy bought me another brand to try, this time it is MooGoo! The box looks very cool, like a carton of milk. To be honest, I am pretty sick of her giving me things to try again and again. I am a beautiful and perfect princess, and I should be allowed to scratch myself silly till I bleed.

No? Really? Why not?

Back to this MooGoo, mommy got daddy to pay for it, which was surprising because daddy doesn’t like paying for things. I guess he loves me a lot.

Active Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Marinara chamomilla flower, Centella asiatica herb tincture, and Sage Oil Dalmatian.

Mommy says it’s good stuff, but do I care? I will admit it smells good, but not sure how good it tastes like. So far she slathers a lot on me. It feels cool and slippery, but I like it when mommy massages into my body. She can do it as often as she wants, I don’t mind.

I guess she likes it, because I don’t feel as itchy. She puts a lot of stuff on me before, now it’s only this. I think she likes the way I smell after.

Mommy’s Review

Got this on a whim, I have heard of MooGoo before, and the brand is a mid-range pharmacy brand. A few pharmacies stock it, depending on area. I like how the pump works, and the lotion is on the slightly thicker side. It works well, because she does feel better after I apply this.

Nothing special about how Australian brands are moving towards natural products with biodegradable or recyclable containers. This is a eco- conscious country/ society, and people do take into account things like vegan, organic and even sustainable.

For an all natural brand, MooGoo surprisingly works well. There is a positive effect, and I am glad to see that Princess Brat is recovering.

*not affiliated post. I bought this to try*

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2 thoughts on “Princess Brat’s Review : MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

  1. Ooh, do we have a winner Ailyn? I’d be interested how her skin is next week the poor poppet, especially with winter coming up, I find the heater really dries out my skin too. I haven’t heard of the brand before but on their website now. I might have a look for my husbands skin. Hope princess is starting to feel better, she’s so precious <3 <3

    1. she is pretty cute and patient with her hyperactive brother. Her skin still has flare ups, but this one actually keeps it under control . I would recommend it

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