Natures Organics Baby : Review By Princess Brat

Natures Organics Shampoo and Moisturiser review

I have received these two bottles as a trial team member for a beauty website, I do not receive any compensation for my trial and review, but I do get these to keep. As you all know, Princess Brat has severely dry skin, Prince Brat’s skin problems have cleared a little, but I still use moisturizing agents frequently.

When these landed on my doorstep, time for a trial.

Organic Care Baby Moisturiser

Brat thinks it’s edible

In a way, Natures Organics would be safe to eat, its main ingredients for the moisturisers are coconut oil, oatmeal flour and sustainable palm oil, among other things. The brand boasts to be free from fragrance, petrochemical cleansers, SLES, SLS, ALES, ALS, mineral oil, parabens. Plus it is vegan as well, point of thought for some I guess, less of an issue for me. And of course, most (dare I say all?) Australian beauty brands are cruelty free, this one too.

If Brat ate this by mistake, I am sure it only tastes horrible. It smells like Indian coconut candy to me, I love those things. This is my second food smelling product, first one being Body Shop’s Vanilla Chai Body Butter. Honestly, I am more of a fan of Vanilla Chai than Coconut oil.

Does it work? Honestly, it is a good moisturiser for people with normal to slightly dry skin. If you have sensitive skin and are not allergic to the ingredients, I am sure you will love it. The silky feel of the lotion going onto your skin is lovely, and there is no residue because it is mostly natural.

However, as Princess’ skin is so dry she itches, it hardly made any improvement at all. Well, she did stop scratching for five minutes to take another picutre

 Organic Care Baby Conditioning Shampoo

Use Natures Organics, it is good for babies!

We are not affiliated with this brand in any way, but I think Brat will make a good spokesbaby.

The Guar is the natural conditioning agent, while cherry flower and dandelion is more for the redness related problems. So if you have sensitive scalp, this might be worth trying. It does say suitable for all ages, and if Brat can use it, so can you.

The purple label is pretty cute, and it comes in a pump size. My only problem is its consistency, it is pretty thick. I had to use it as a bath as well, because the one pump was too much. Princess didn’t mind it, because the lather doesn’t sting. It also smells faintly of coconut oil, which made her really tasty. It washes off fine, but required a few more rinse than usual.


I am blessed that Australian Beauty companies have focus on natural and sustainable products, and it does not cost an arm and a leg. Compared to my friends in Malaysia, I could easily afford to buy these without breaking the bank. Do you know that Sukin cost around RM 80 for a product that costs only AUD14?

Natures Organics Baby products are another new product line that is aimed at babies, or people with sensitive skin. Since I am spoiled for choice, I will recommend it if you see it being sold, but it is nothing special. Not worth looking high and low for it, but if you see it give it a go.

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  1. Ooh, I love the smell of coconut. It sounds like a great product for kids and adults without skin conditions and just dry skin, probably a little too mild for bub’s skin. Gosh she’s gorgeous! I hope you can find something soon Ailyn that’ll relieve that itching for her. Poor bubba <3 <3

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