Princess Brat’s Review : TianQi BKey Mask

TianQi BKey Mask Review by Princess Brat

Remember me? No, that’s because I’ve been busy growing up! But my skin is still as terrible, particularly on 1 elbow. Mommy’s been having headaches, and I have tried so many baby stuff that she broke out the big guns! Steroid creams, but the 1% hydrocortisone ointment did not work. Yeah, she’s tearing her hair out, I can see it falling in clumps, maybe because I’m pulling it out for her too. Anyway, my uncle gave me something special for my birthday: TianQi BKey Mask.

Happy Birthday me!

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This thing here, is the most annoying thing a baby can get for her birthday. TianQi BKey Mask is made up of a gel mask, and a water spray thing. I am the first test subject, so my mom did a patch test on me while I was sleeping. Honestly, it was probably better for the both of us that she did it while I was asleep. The gel had to take around fifteen minutes to work, that’s like.. half my nap time already!

But you are not here to hear me rant, you want to see results right?

Ta DAAaaaa


Impressive right? Come on, this is result after just 5 days of continuous use. My mommy didn’t even had to really make sure I have it on for fifteen whole minutes. Sometimes I get naughty and only give her like… five minutes before I want to go play. I’m a baby you know, and I have a need to play. But you have to admit that this is pretty good stuff, especially it also makes my skin less itchy.

5 days!When no lotion had even remotely achieved that effect in a week. No, these photos are not photo-shopped, mommy doesn’t know how to, and she’s too busy cleaning my butt.  And yes, I am not wearing the same outfit everyday, because mommy likes dark sleeves to cover my crawling around (I get to hard to reach places she days)

If you want to know more, head to my mom’s product page here and buy it if you like it okay?


Mommy says for this special time: my birthday and her blog’s birthday, she’s giving away one set! For a lucky person to try. This time it’s an international giveaway, please read the terms and conditions before you enter okay?
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6 thoughts on “Princess Brat’s Review : TianQi BKey Mask

  1. Wow, that’s a massive improvement in only five days! It’s extraordinary! Did it take the itch out as well? The skin looks so much softer and smoother now, it must be a huge relief to find something to help calm the skin. Is it safe for long time use too? Her skin is looking so lovely <3

    1. it is quite safe, we patch tested it, also read the ingredients nothing too shady.
      it did take the itch out! can you believe that? she stopped scratching at night after the mask, but i have to repeat everyday or she’ll start scratching again.

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