Pulling Strings by Nick DeWolf

Pulling Strings
Author: Nick DeWolf
Genre: Psychic, psychological thriller, sci-fi, mystery,
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Pulling Strings is My First 2018 to Read Book

Let’s open 2018 with a great psycho thriller! Let’s not sleep at all! No thanks to the author, I only had 4 hours in total.. The book is quite a page turner, mainly because this is my type of book. This is my second book from the author, first one is : Frightfully Ever After (Amazon Link). It was an interesting take of fairy tales, and since it was his first, kinda okay but I like this one better. Not only the cover and title is attractive, the synopsis gave nothing away.

The cover features a female, I think it’s a girl and I suspect that it is the main character: Rebecca Colt. Pulling Strings with the cover can mean a few things, being manipulated or becoming a puppet, or being forced to do something that you do not want. Definitely does not mean using influence to get what you want, or is it?


The main one is of course the heroine Rebecca Colt, snarky yet professional. A veteran in the  Department of Scientific Investigation, some super secret government agency that focuses on people with psychic powers. The story starts in Austin, Texas so that readers can get acquainted with Rebecca on the main ride home.

The villain, you know who it is from the start. This is no secret to the readers, only to Rebecca and members of the department. Nicely used red herring, and coupled with a lot of issues and things going on, Rebecca’s final call may be her last.

The Story

I cannot say anything about the story/ plot because it might ruin it for you. The reason why is because even the synopsis does not reveal much about the main premise of the story. I will say that the story is well done, a lot of complex layers and feels. The author, Nick has definitely improved leaps and bounds since I last read his work. The writing is tight, and skillfully manipulates the readers to question who they should be liking/ hating.


My first recommended read for 2018: Pulling Strings by Nick DeWolf is not a book you read during bedtime, you will lose sleep over it like I did Share on X

There are a lot of good books out there, I have Sarah Maas on my list, and some Marie Lu. But for an independent author, I recommend Pulling Strings if you are looking for a thriller mystery. Romance is not in the equation for this book, but of course all good books have some sort of relationship problem *winks*

Now if only I can ask the author to write me another Rebecca Colt book.

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