Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask Review

Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask

During my trip in Taiwan, there was a lot of beauty product shopping. I believe that this is my third purchase that I am reviewing. First one being the My Scheming peel, followed by the dual mask of the same brand. Here is Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask, which I bought without realizing that this is actually a Japanese product.

I guess I should have known, with the Japanese writing at the bottom of the Gold Hyaluronic acid Mask, as well as random places on the packet. But I was in a rush, and the word Gold stood out more than anything else. So I got this.

Ingredients and Instruction

If you click on this image, it will show you the instructions, as well as the list of ingredients in the mask.
IMG_20170913_203447122This photo is taken by my DSLR, so I promise it will enlarge to original huge ass size, and you can zoom in to read. I hope that it works, because I have not really tried it? But the pictures already show you how easy it is to use, with the recommendation of leaving it in for at least fifteen minutes.

I never follow that instruction, very often I’d just leave it in until I feel like taking it off, usually an hour later. So far I am not feeling any adverse effects, I guess it is safe to maximize the usage. Your skin just slowly absorbs the stuff, although more likely it just evaporates.

Price wise, I do not remember. This is probably on special, because I would always buy things when they have a discount. Bad habit, because some stores would jack up the price, then offer a discount. But I remember this being reasonably priced.

It does not glitter =(

A little sad that this Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask does not have that much gold in it. Other than that, it is very hydrating. I love the feeling of coolness, and the relaxed feel of my skin after. This Pure 5 Gold Essence mask says that it will soften the fine lines, as well as return hydration to the skin. I am noticing the hydration part, the fine lines part, not so and not yet.

This is a pack of ten masks, and it does not tell me how often I have to repeat this. Currently, I am on an alternate day treatment, using other masks that I have in my stash. Rotating is good, I find that my skin responds better when I change it up, but still maintaining a daily or alternate day habit.


Of all the masks that I own, this probably rates an average. I can feel the moisture returning to my dry skin, but that is about it. I cannot see any gold, not like this gold mask that has flecks of tiny gold particles. Or this TianQi one that I am selling in my store.

If you are interested, contact me or scan this image in Wechat, you will be directed to the seller directly in Malaysia.

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4 thoughts on “Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask Review

  1. These masks always look huge on your gorgeous face Ailyn, I’m starting to wonder if they’re made for people with fat heads actually. How long afterwards did your skin stay hydrated? I’m currently thinking about a new skin care routine as well. The products I normally use are starting to leave my skin dull and it feels as though it needs a good polish. A bit sad that this one doesn’t have the golden sheen the other one you’ve tested does though.

    1. there are some brands in Priceline or Coles that cater for Australian faces? I think these are one size fits all, so it should technically fill in the whole face?
      for this one probably about a day my face stay hydrated, wasn’t impressive but it’ll do

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