Questing For : Makeup Foundation

Foundation, my questing prize!

I threw away my last foundation and primer, it was lousy, despite being Covergirl. By that I mean it lasted half and hour. And the shade no longer fit me. I had turned a deathly shade of pale, mainly due to hiding from the sun too much during the forty degree heat (not Fahrenheit, Celsius!). Ever time I go back to Malaysia, I have envious looks from my relatives, Prince Brat too! we are like the fairest of them all, I hope no one gives us any poison apples soon. Trouble with me and foundation is my laziness.

I haven’t been using any makeup, and I think most of it is due to be thrown away Q.Q. I am writing this post in hope that someone may take pity on me and suggest a good and reasonably priced foundation.

What I tried

Maybelline Liquid Mousse

I had this liquid mousse for a while, it was more curiosity how it works. I applied it using my fingers, since I didn’t own a beauty blend then. The liquid mousse when on smoothly, and it blended quite well. Unfortunately it did not last the 16 hours as it claims. How I know? I worked twelve- hour shifts then, so by the time I return home, there were no foundation left.

It did say for normal skin, so probably it had run away with my face oil. Bleh

MAC Studio Powder Plus Foundation

I am not sure if Amazon sells the original stuff, but you can visit the store here (not affiliated) and see for yourself. This Studio powder plus is a medium matte coverage that doubles as a face powder. So you won’t have to add more during the day. For me, it was a one layer application, since I am a fan of light to medium coverage. Lasted a long time, even with daily use, actually about eight months…

For durability, I would say pretty good, at least it stayed on for the twelve hour shifts.

After that, I am using  BB Cream because I had no more decent foundation left, and was too lazy to get some more. I could get them online, but everyone knows that you need to try them on for the correct match. At present, I am getting away with BB cream, but will need a better coverage product one day.

What I feel like trying

Clinique’s Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup

Apparently is a gel- cream that can control oil and sheen, promising matte and satin finish. It also had been tested against fading and streaking, so I am curious to see how it holds up to its promise.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Max Factor boasts a nude and natural finish with its multi- tonal pigments. It is also water base, so I am keen on trying this foundation. Although I am not sure how it would last being a water based product. Maybe I could use a setting spray.

As there are so many in the market, does anyone has one to recommend?

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