Ragdoll by Daniel Cole Review

Author: Daniel Cole
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Genre: Adult, Mystery & Thrillers

Ragdoll is super scary

I requested the Australian New Zealand version about two months ago, back then the cover was different to the one on Amazon. It looked like this on Netgalley. I do prefer the whiter background of the new cover, mainly because it looks cleaner and more inviting than the one below.

Image from Netgalley

What is so scary about Ragdoll?

Author Daniel Cole is a paramedic, pretty sure that’s what the author description says. Somehow that translates into ability to describe things in gruesome detail, and with good knowledge of what goes where, it is horrifying. From the beginning, our hero William Fawkes or Wolf, had a bad run. A case involving girls who were burned had triggered a breakdown of sorts, the story starts after the incident.

The past is not the past in Ragdoll, the reason why the title was so: a body with six different body parts. After the body was found, a note was sent to Wolf’s ex- wife’s place, a list of who is to die next. Wolf was last in the list, but they were determined to stop the deaths.

Oh, I must be a sadistic person, because I enjoyed most of the deaths in the book. It was meticulous, careful and downright devious. This book is not a cut and slash book, but one that makes you think if the killer was a magician or the devil.

Soon enough, that was what everyone thought. It had to be the devil, because no one else knew! The brilliance of the book, was how convincing it was. While the hero of the story was Wolf, his support characters were the ones who helped readers along. Wolf knew a lot of things, but he was holding the cards close to his heart, so someone in the department had to do all the work.

That idiot though, made a mistake, it was a damn good red herring though.


I cannot recommend this enough. Wolf may never be my book boyfriend, he is too moody and cranky. Ragdoll is one  that grips you to the end. The plot intelligent, sneaky and surprising. It is not just about a case, the reader and everyone in the story will be surprised, relationships ruined. I am squealing with glee!

A story worth a read by all adults craving for a good mystery suspense.

Ragdoll will keep you reading till the end! You will never guess who is the perpetrator. Share on X

Apparently, this version is coming out April. I still like the top cover best.

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